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Friday, June 2, 2023

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L-R: Eric Rivera, Seth Mallios, Josh Morse, Becca Cohen, Javier Gomez, Morgan Chan, Elliot Hirshman, Sally Roush, Mariah Kelly, Christina Brown, Lynn Cacha L-R: Eric Rivera, Seth Mallios, Josh Morse, Becca Cohen, Javier Gomez, Morgan Chan, Elliot Hirshman, Sally Roush, Mariah Kelly, Christina Brown, Lynn Cacha

Time Capsule Installed in Union

Students selected items for inclusion in the time capsule to be opened in 2063.
By Lorena Nava Ruggero

Fifty years ago, U.S. President John F. Kennedy spoke on campus, the Beatles released their first album and library namesake Malcolm Love was president of SDSU.
Looking 50 years into the future, the university community installed a time capsule into Aztec Student Union on Friday. Speakers at the event included SDSU President Elliot Hirshman, Associated Students of SDSU President Josh Morse and Anthropology Department Chair, Professor and campus historian Seth Mallios.
Hirshman read a portion of his letter addressed to future Aztecs and described the odd perspective of being an "ancestor" to those who will eventually read it. Mallios noted that each of the items included is "imbued with meaning" imparted by the students and who hope to pass that meaning on to the next generation.
To be opened in 2063, the time capsule was installed into one of the pillars in the Union. It contained several items, including:
  • Basketball signed by men’s coach Steve Fisher
  • Ticket from the 2012 Battle of the Midway game
  • A copy of “Hail Montezuma!” written by Mallios
  • Letters from Morse and Hirshman
  • Voter pamphlets and promotional materials from the two voter referendum that lead to the building of Aztec Student Union
  • Dollar bill and a penny
  • Red ID card featuring the Aztec Warrior
  • Photos Aztec Student Union construction and the 2012-13 A.S. Council members
  • Centennial edition of The Daily Aztec
  • Framed sketch of Aztec Center and a preserved leaf from the tree in the Aztec Center courtyard
  • Piece of concrete from Aztec Center
  • Printouts of Associated Students of SDSU social media profiles from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Photos of 2012-13 A.S. Council members and Aztec Student Union construction
  • Current campus map

All of the items included in the time capsule were selected by members of the 2012-13 Associated Students Facilities Board. Upon completion of the building, a plaque will be hung on the pillar that contains the time capsule.
According to Mallios, a campus time capsule was moved from the Normal School's original location in University Heights and now resides in the barbecue at Scripps Cottage.
About Aztec Student Union
Aztec Student Union, a service provided by Associated Students of SDSU, will open its doors to the San Diego State University community as the new “campus living room” in late fall 2013. As a hub for studying, socializing, connecting, relaxing, eating and learning, students, faculty, staff and alumni will enjoy many amenities in what is planned to be a the state-of-the-art green building.
For more information, visit"like" the project on Facebookfollow it on Twitter or visit the blog.

Time Capsule Installed in Union
time capsule installation 2013