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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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The members of the winning team (left to right): Andrew Won, Carolyn Chow, Kim Lewis and Jesus Cachu. The members of the winning team (left to right): Andrew Won, Carolyn Chow, Kim Lewis and Jesus Cachu.

Students Pitch for the Padres

FOX Sports San Diego selected a team of SDSU integrated marketing communication students as the winners of a San Diego Padres marketing campaign.
By Katelin Labat

FOX Sports San Diego selected a marketing campaign designed by a team San Diego State University students to increase viewership of the San Diego Padres. The students pitched their campaign as part of their Marketing 472 final project and will witness their ideas turn into an actual marketing strategy that will take effect this season.

Students were split into small teams and competed against each other during the spring semester to build a comprehensive marketing campaign.

FOX Sports San Diego then selected the winning campaign based on creativity, plausibility and overall presentation.

The winning campaign

Four integrated marketing communications seniors Carolyn Chow, Jesus Cachu, Kim Lewis and Andrew Won, were selected as part of the winning team based on their original campaign, “This is My Town.”

“Through our research, we found that San Diego locals are very happy to be in San Diego and are extremely proud of the their city, but do not share that same pride with the local San Diego sports teams,” Chow said.

“With our advertising, and hopefully viral campaign, we can create a synergy between FOX Sports San Diego, San Diego sports and the San Diego community.”

The plan integrates traditional advertising with new methods including, social media and a mobile app program. It also uses community promotions and targeted marketing.

“Rarely in your undergraduate career do you get to use what you have learned throughout and apply it to help solve a real world business problem. FOX Sports San Diego and Creative University allowed us just that,” Cachu said.

Creative University

The hands-on and unique classroom experience was made available to students through FOX Sports’ Creative University program. The program recently launched to connect students from top universities and bridge relationships with FOX Sports media groups.

Creative University enables students to participate in real-life business situations and have their class work turned into working action plans.

“While all teams did a great job, the team we selected did the best at putting together a more comprehensive 360 campaign,” said Megan Tolley FOX Sports San Diego marketing coordinator.

“If and when possible, the winning team will be invited to come to any shoots associated with this plan, call in to conferences with vendors and will be updated on all progress of the campaign.”

Currently, FOX Sports’ Creative University has more than 600 student participants from across the nation from 15 universities. SDSU is among a select group including University of Southern California, Howard University and Northwestern University.