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Friday, December 14, 2018

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Chief Browning to Retire

John Browning, SDSU's chief of police, is retiring after a 40-year career in law enforcement.
By Hallie Jacobs

San Diego State University's Chief of Police, John Browning, will retire at the end of June after serving the university for eight years. 

With 40 years of law experience, Browning is described by his colleagues as the most ethical person they've ever met.

John Browning

“What he brought with him was a human element," said Jessica Rentto, associate vice president for Business and Financial Affairs. "He is an extremely kind and caring person."

His dedication to the SDSU Police Department was apparent.  Browning would commute from Temecula, Calif., typically leaving around 4 a.m., and would remain on campus until 7 p.m.

“You could almost always find him here," said SDSU Police Captain Lamine Secka.When he’s gone, it’s noticeable.”

Embodying public service

Browning began his work as a police officer for the California State Police Division in 1973.  In 1976, he began working for the City of Gardena Police Department, where he was eventually promoted to Captain in 1999. 

After serving Gardena for 29 years, Browning was hired as the SDSU chief of police.

"The idea of public service — he really has embodied that," Secka said.

Lasting legacy 

The SDSU Police Department’s professionally trained, service-oriented staff fulfills life and property safety needs for a campus population of more than 36,000. Each member of the department is committed to providing the university with the most extensive law enforcement services possible.

“When I think of his legacy on campus, I don’t just think of just the department. I think of the whole university," said Debbie Richeson, director of auxiliary services.