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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Honorary members receive lifelong membership to the honor society. Honorary members receive lifelong membership to the honor society.

Faculty Lauded for Academic Excellence

Five SDSU professors were invited to join the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society.

San Diego State University's commitment to academic excellence is evident — four professors were invited to join the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society as honorary members.

Each year the society inducts four honorary members who will become lifelong members of the society. Members are chosen by student members, chapter officers and chapter advisers for their individual accomplishments on campus or in the community, as well as their shown success and support of academics, leadership and service. 

The 2013 Honorary Members are:

Zheng-sheng Zhang

Zhang, an associate professor of linguistics, encourages students to explore culture. "Zhang has been instrumental in my growth as an individual and in my pursuit of education," said Michael Jannai, president of the SDSU Golden Key chapter.

Zhang implements technology-based methods to teach Mandarin Chinese to his students and never compromises classroom experience as a substitute for face-to-face interaction and practice. He also hosts a trip to Beijing every summer for his students. His dedication to his students helps spread the Chinese language and culture to SDSU students.

Ronnee Schreiber

Schreiber has been influential to the Golden Key officers and SDSU students. She breaths life into classes and inspires students to become active participants in local, state and national politics. Her dedication to fostering political involvement in my generation through her sense of humor and vast knowledge of politics makes Schreiber an ideal candidate for the society.

Ghada Osman

Osman, a professor of linguistics, goes above and beyond for her students. She encourages every student to visit her office and get to know her. Students never feel hesitant to ask for help because she always made an effort to make them feel comfortable, enabling them to ask questions at any time. She cares about the student’s grades, and promotes service and being fair and well-rounded to all her students.

Sherry Kari

Kari, a lecturer in the School of Nursing, is very dedicated to her students. She is a faculty advisor for the SDSU chapter of the California Nursing Students' Association and Global Brigade, a student-led nonprofit health and sustainable development organization. Kari has led medical trips with students to Africa and Central America, and encourages student involvement in professional organizations.

Elena Salsitz

Salsitz is currently in her 7th year teaching international business protocol and diplomacy at SDSU. She advocates the progression of her students’ academic success, career pursuits and their overall understanding of international business protocol, while also making every effort to help them succeed along the way. She is actively involved in helping students further their careers both domestically and internationally by providing numerous opportunities and networking resources for students to acquaint themselves with professionals experienced in a variety of important domestic and foreign careers.

About Golden Key

Golden Key International Honour Society is a global collegiate honor society established to recognize college students for academic excellence.

The society, comprised of more than 2 million members, has more than 400 campus-based chapters in eight countries including Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States.