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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Senior Bethany Andreen majors in speech, language and hearing sciences. Senior Bethany Andreen majors in speech, language and hearing sciences.

By Degrees: Bethany Andreen

Senior Bethany Andreen plans to become a licensed speech-language pathologist in a medical setting.
By Coleen L. Geraghty

This story is also featured in 360:The Magazine of San Diego State Magazine.

Why did you decide to study abroad on Scotland?

I chose Scotland because Peter Torre, a professor in SDSU’s School of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences organized an exchange program with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The program allowed me to take three classes in my major so I could graduate on time and also offered amazing opportunities for placements in Scottish hospitals. I was able to observe audiologists and an audiological physician working with children who have hearing impairments.

What are some of the cultural differences you noticed while studying abroad?

At the university, the lectures were less interactive. The information is presented briefly, and students are expected to look further into the subject. Learning is a more independent enterprise there. I also got to experience the Glaswegian dialect. It is often very difficult to understand and contains a lot of phrases I had never heard before, such as riddy, which means embarrassing, and bolt ya rocket, which is another way of asking someone to go away.

Now that you’ve had a chance to reflect on your study abroad experience, what did you learn from it?

Studying abroad helped me to see the field of speech-language pathology from a different perspective. I now have a greater appreciation for the impact that research has on the treatment of patients, not only in our country, but also throughout the world.

Who on campus has influenced you most?
Tracy Love
has been a huge influence. I have learned so much from her from her lectures and through working in her research lab. She has always given me honest and valuable advice on how I can achieve my career goals.