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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The Arts and Letters building. The Arts and Letters building.

Gifts of the Week

The Campaign for SDSU has reached $494 million.

The Campaign for SDSU is the university’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign.

It was launched to create new opportunities for student success and to help San Diego State University continue to develop as a leading public research university.

The following are some of the recent gifts received in addition to many others that support all areas of the SDSU campus.

The Lipp Family Foundation donated $15,000 for the Library Endowment for Math and Engineering Education.

Alumnus Larry Willens — who has supported SDSU's athletic program for many years — pledged a new gift of $10,892 for the Student Athlete Program.

Kyocera International is supporting SDSU's Japan Studies Program with a new gift of $3,000.

The College of Arts and Letters has been named the recipient of a gift annuity of $56,512 from Akiko Wendelmoot.

About the Campaign

Through The Campaign for SDSU, the university will move forward with strategic investments in people and programs.

Private funding is needed to attract and retain top faculty, support innovative programs and assist talented students through scholarships.