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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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SDSU's newest Aztecs will start moving in to the residence halls on Friday, Aug. 22. SDSU's newest Aztecs will start moving in to the residence halls on Friday, Aug. 22.

To Bring and Not to Bring

SDSU’s director of Housing Administration shares tips on what students moving into on-campus housing should remember and leave behind.

It’s that time of year — back to school for universities across the country, and for first-time freshmen, one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking transitions is moving away from home.

Eric Hansen, director of Office of Housing Administration at San Diego State University has advice on what students moving into on-campus housing should remember to bring … and what they should leave at home.

5 things to bring when you move into on-campus housing

1. Personal items: clothes, toiletries, shower caddy, a bike, pictures of friends and family, posters, favorite books, favorite pillow/blanket, mini-sewing kit, etc.

2. Basic room set-up: bed sheets (for extra-long twin, regular twin, or double depending on room), pillow, pillowcase, bedspread, blankets, towels, laundry supplies, storage bins, organizers, hangers, desk supplies, power strip and a non-halogen desk lamp.

All rooms have either an overhead light or lamp and some desks have built-in reading lights but it's not a bad idea to bring an extra desk lamp for more light.

3. Emergency supplies: a flashlight with extra batteries, a battery powered radio, a first-aid kit, a supply of necessary medications, and 3 gallons of water.

In the case of an emergency, it's good to be prepared.

4. Entertainment: television, tablet, or computer.

All rooms are cable and Wi-Fi-ready.

5. For apartment-style living: bring kitchen items such as pots and pans, dishes, utensils, small appliances, cleaning supplies for your kitchen and bathroom etc.

Consider coordinating the purchase of these items with roommates.

Almost more important than what you bring is what not to bring — why take up space with items you don’t need, can’t use or may even be dangerous?

5 things to leave at home

1. Furniture: all of the rooms and apartments on campus already come fully furnished.

2. Kitchen appliances: unless you live in one of the apartments, you are not allowed to bring cooking appliances or any appliance with a heating element (blender, hot plate, coffee maker, popcorn popper, toaster, Foreman grill, Magic Bullet or oven of any kind).

3. Refrigerators and microwaves: they are already provided.

4. Hanging artwork: students can decorate their room to make it feel more like home, but in order to avoid potential damage charges they should not put anything up on the walls that will leaves marks or holes.

5. Candles, incense or anything flammable: these are fire hazards and a violation to the Student Housing License Agreement's Policies and Regulations.

For more information, please visit the SDSU Student Housing web site.