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Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Office walls are covered in books, art and street objects to at the SDSU Press. Office walls are covered in books, art and street objects to at the SDSU Press.

One Book at a Time

SDSU Press isn’t your typical publisher; it focuses on educating the public about humanitarian efforts and social justice.
By Kristin Riemedio

Street signs are strategically placed to control actions. They direct where we can and cannot go, and alert of the potential dangers.

A “Do Not Enter” sign welcomes visitors to San Diego State University Press challenging them to cross the line and come into a world that brings unseen struggles to light.

An on-campus publication agency founded in 1959, SDSU Press educates people of all ages with the books that it publishes. Part of its mission is to make an impact in three specific research areas: Latin American cultural studies, cutting-edge American and European art and Mexican-American border studies.

Staying grounded

English and Comparative Literature professor, William Nericcio, became the director of SDSU Press earlier this semester, but he has been working with the publisher since 1995. He believes it is important to continue the goals of those before him: to educate people about certain cultural phenomena.

The avant garde attitude of the SDSU Press is prominent in its published works.

Currently, some of SDSU Press’ best-sellers cover a range of topics including stories of immigration told in ways that reveal a side of immigration that isn’t usually highlighted in media or politics; and a compilation of the works of Marilyn Monroe's psychologist.

SDSU Press receives submissions from all kinds of authors, most of whom are from the humanities, social sciences and hard science backgrounds, but it also publishes submissions of critical anthologies by professors and researchers that address these issues.

55 years of experience

Holding the title of the oldest university press in the California State University system has its perks. At 55 years old, the SDSU Press is the go-to press agency for a lot of authors and publications because the books it publishes never go out of print.

“They come to us because we are known for our willingness to publish new and cutting edge types of texts,” Nericcio explained, “and we’re not predicated on profit, we are a scholarly press focused on contributing to the intellectual heritage of the nation. We are here to make a difference.”

The books published by SDSU Press can be accessed in a variety of ways. They are distributed to bookstores, professors, university libraries as well as individuals. If you would like SDSU Press to publish your manuscript,  contact William Nericcio by email.