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Friday, March 31, 2023

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Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at SDSU

Gender-neutral bathrooms can be found around throughout campus.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are an important part of San Diego State University's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

According to SDSU's Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition site, "for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, gender-segregated bathrooms can pose as spaces where they are met with intimidation, harassment, run-ins with security and violence" and "these occurrences happen when people using the restroom police the gender of others based on binary assumptions and expectations of who men and women are and what they look like."

To combat this issue, SDSU approved the addition of eight gender-neutral bathrooms throughout campus. These bathrooms are characterized as a public restroom or toilet that people of any gender or gender identity may use. 

"It is important for SDSU to have gender neutral bathrooms because there are students on campus who do not associate with either male or female," said Kevin Hancock, executive vice president for Associated Students. 

"These restrooms will provide a safe and necessary alternative for those students. I believe these restrooms are just the beginning of a much larger conversation pertaining to accessibility on campus for all students." 

Traditional gender-separate bathrooms will still be available on campus and all gender-neutral bathrooms will have single stalls.

Gender-neutral bathroom locations

  • College Square, 2nd floor
  • Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, throughout the building
  • Education and Business Administration, 3rd floor
  • Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, 1st floor
  • Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, 2nd floor
  • Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, 4th floor
  • Faculty/Staff Club, Ground floor
  • International Student Center Addition, 1st floor
  • West Commons, 2nd floor

Awareness event

SDSU's Trans* Action and Advocacy Student Coalition will host an event to raise awareness and advocacy for gender-neutral bathrooms on Oct. 21.

There will be toilets outside of Hepner Hall along with resources and information about the necessity for accessible non gender segregated bathrooms as well as a pledge and petition to sign.

Gender neutral bathrooms are a way to create a safer campus environment for trans* and gender nonconforming students, staff, faculty and community members at SDSU.

The event also suggests a challenge for members of the SDSU community — don’t use gendered bathrooms or change rooms for a week. Gendered bathrooms are designated for “men” or “women” by a sign.