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Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Get Covered

The Health Insurance Education Project aims to educate CSU students about new health insurance laws.
By SDSU News Team

With open enrollment for health insurance quickly approaching, San Diego State University is participating in the CSU-wide Health Insurance Education Project.

The project aims to educate CSU students, their families and campus staff about new health insurance laws and the opportunity it offers many in the CSU community to get affordable health insurance.

Each campus is appointed campus coordinators to deliver information to students about the Affordable Care Act, Covered California and MediCal.

Kim Benzie and Brittnie Bloom, SDSU's campus coordinators, are both SDSU alumni and care about the health status of students.

The campus coordinators will provide outreach and education in classrooms to inform students about their health care options, how to protect themselves from fees and high medical bills and how to access enrollment services.

Why get insured?

Many students are uninsured or underinsured. The active lifestyles of college students puts them at risk for trips to the hospital or emergency room, which can cost thousands of dollars, potentially leading to expensive medical bills and debt.

Last year, the CSU Health Insurance Education Project reduced the percentage of uninsured CSU students to 10 percent, mainly through providing on-campus education and enrollment opportunities.

Professors interested in hosting an information session in their classrooms can contact Benzie and Bloom to schedule a classroom visit.