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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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SDSU videographer Jeneene Chatowsky on campus. SDSU videographer Jeneene Chatowsky on campus.

Top Videos of 2014

SDSU's videographer sheds light on her favorite video projects from 2014.
By Jeneene Chatowsky

There is so much innovation and creativity happening here at San Diego State and as the university videographer, I feel so fortunate to be able to capture the stories of SDSU.

Everyone has a  story and the major driving force of all these videos are the researchers, professors, post docs, undergraduates, and alumni who are pursuing their passions and sharing their knowledge with the world. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from creating these videos and hopefully you will too.

Here are my top picks of the year’s best videos, in no particular order.

SDSU Veterans Memorial: Semper Fi


I must admit before making this video I really didn’t pay much attention to the 25 foot-tall slab of granite gracing the campus. But, after learning that this memorial is the only one of its kind in California and meeting all the amazing people tied to it’s inception, I gained a new perspective. Now, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t notice the memorial and share my deepest respects for all those who have served and continue to serve our country.  

Zombies at San Diego State: Who doesn’t love the living dead?

If you’re a coffee drinker, then most likely you can relate. Shuffling out of bed before that first cup of Joe — I think we’ve all been a zombie at one point or another.  This class is so unique. The students were so engaged and Professor Emily Hicks is such a creative and forward thinker. Using pop culture and the living dead as a lens to analyze and understand the fabric of humanity. It's genius.

New Eye in the Sky: Field Trip to Mt. Laguna

I love the night sky and when this assignment hit my desk I was all in. Professors Allan Shafter and Robert Quimby were gracious hosts, posing and moving the telescope over and over again in order for me to get my shots. Although professor Shafter may not have believed in my alien theories, we shared some deep conversations about the universe. Besides being situated amongst a surreal backdrop, the observatory is an amazing facility for astronomy students. It’s pretty cool to know we can observe the cosmos from our backyard.  

Tracking Wildlife on the Not-So-Lonely Road
:  I brake for Bobcats

I have always assumed the culverts under highways were for drainage. Through filming this video I learned that some are actually established to help wildlife navigate their way across busy highways. Considering the amount of highways In Southern California this study seems particularly important. Thanks to Megan Jennings, we were able to get some great photos of the animals using the culverts.

The Amazing Regenerating Worm: What?

This story is a favorite for a couple of reasons.
1. Look at them! The worms — non-parasitic flatworms called planarians — are cool, and the fact that they regenerate is even cooler.

2. This was one of my first video assignments for SDSU and as a mother, I have a fondness for the first born. Just kidding! I love all my children!

SDSU Mechatronics Club: The legacy

I was thoroughly blown away by the professionalism and dedication of these students. They mean business and have created a student run organization to live on at SDSU. Besides building cool stuff they are helping to engage other students and teach each other; and really, isn’t that what the college experience is all about?