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Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Campus Year-End Deadlines

A list of fiscal year-end deadlines is available for faculty and staff.
By SDSU News Team

April 6
  • Facilities Services Deadline for Receipt of New Work Orders for projects over $2,500. No estimates can be provided.
  • Deadline for Requisitions exceeding $50,000 for goods and services and requisitions exceeding $634,000 for construction projects

April 30

May 1

  • All requisitions with status of "still in progress," "returned," or "rejected" will be cancelled. These will need to be resubmitted when the FY2014/2015 general ledger is opened on June 8, 2015

May 11

  • Last day for Telecommunications and Network Services (TNS) work orders that will be completed/closed for 5/11/2015 FY2014/2015. 

June 3

  • Last day for department to request corrections to billings for:  TNS, Facilities Services, Reprographics, Copy Center, Mail and Material Management 

June 5

  • Last day for Reprographics services and Copy Center orders for FY2014/2015 

June 8

June 12

  • Last day for FY2014/2015 International and Domestic Mail and Outgoing Freight Shipments
  • Last day for FY 2014/2015 Moving Services Requests
  • Last day for bulk mail for FY2014/2015
  • Last day to submit billing requests to Accounting Services for inclusion in current fiscal year accruals 

June 15

  • Final day to submit Expenditure Transfers to Accounting Services for FY 2014/2015
  • Final day to submit Labor Cost Distribution Adjustment to Budget & Finance
  • Deadline for submitting travel claims for travel during current fiscal year to ensure the use of current year funds.  JUNE TRAVEL DEADLINE for submittal of T2’s for travel DURING JUNE is June 15, 2015 

June 17

June 18

  • Procurement Credit Card (PCC)  charges must be made by June 18, 2015 and POSTED by June 19, 2015, in order to be charged to your FY2014/2015 fiscal year budget 

June 19

  • Last day for FY2014/2015 Copy Center Copier Counts/Charges 

June 22

  • Final day to submit Budget Transfers to Budget & Finance for FY 2014/2015
  • Facilities Services Deadline for Vehicle Maintenance, Gas & Oil, Completed Work Orders.  All Facilities Services Vehicle Maintenance, Gas & Oil, or Work Orders not completed by this date will be billed to FY2015/2016.
  • Last day to submit Current Year invoices to Accounts Payable
  • Corporate Travel Card (CTC) charges must be made by June 22, 2015 and POSTED by June 25, 2015, in order to be charged to your FY2014/2015 fiscal year budget 

June 26

  • Last day to issue payments to Auxiliaries
  • Final day for manual input into Oracle AR by 1:00 p.m.-Receivables Invoice Entry will be disabled
    Access to Oracle for submission and approval of requisitions charged to the FY2015/2016 fiscal year will be disabled to allow for the year end closing process  

June 30

  • Deadline for Student Account Services to Receipt Deposits is 3:00PM for FY2014/2015
  • All goods/services for FY2014/2015 must be ordered, received and delivered
  • Last day to enter receiving information for items delivered directly to Departments 

July 1

  • Final day to submit Chargebacks and Cash Transfers to Accounting Services
  • Final day to submit Telephone & Utility Actuals or Accruals (please indicate which) to AR and AP 

July 6

  • All Oracle access enabled for FY2015/2016 

July 10

  • Reconciliations with Auxiliaries complete (AR/AP & AP/AR)