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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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The mural is constantly changing to showcase the work of SDSU art students. The mural is constantly changing to showcase the work of SDSU art students.

Art in Non-Traditional Venues

An on-going creative art project is on display for the SDSU community.
By Jack Haworth

Have you walked by the art building and wondered what was happening on the side of the Art building?

San Diego State University art professor Carlos Castro and the School of Art and Design have come together to support an on-going creative art project on view for the campus. Castro hung a canvas near the main entrance of the art building and has encouraged students to paint a new object on the canvas every week.

“People want a chance where they can express themselves and show what their interests are, the colors of their life,” Castro said.

Castro believes it is important for students to be able to express themselves through painting and that this canvas is a great way to do it. Students are allowed to paint whatever they want over the painting from the previous week, so each week the painting morphs into a new object.

“The canvas is a place to experiment, express and recognize what others have done,” Castro said. “It’s like a document and but instead of words, it has history transcribed in paint.”

The canvas started as a fox, then transformed into a dinosaur and has continued to change each week. Kotaro Nakamura, the director of the School of Art and Design, believes that showcasing art the students do is important for the public to see.

The SDSU community is encouraged to take photos with the mural and share them via social media using the hashtag #ArtsAliveSDSU.