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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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The winners were announced in a ceremony on March 6. The winners were announced in a ceremony on March 6.

Zahn Challenge Bestows $25K

The Zahn Challenge recently recognized SDSU entrepreneurs.
By Jamie Ballard, The Daily Aztec

San Diego State University's Zahn Innovation Center recently announced the winners of the Zahn Challenge.

The challenge was set up as a competition to foster entrepreneurial spirit and put funds behind new innovations, awarding $25,000 among winners of several different awards.

The three categories — commercial, social and already-active Zahn Center teams — had five finalists each. On March 3, the teams made their business pitch to a room full of people. SDSU students attended to hear the pitches, as well as some faculty and several local businesspeople who were judging the entries.

Entrepreneurs explained their business ideas, what problems they would solve, who they would market to, who their competition was and what their plans were for the future. The judges then had the opportunity to ask questions about the business ventures.

The main event

The winners were announced in a ceremony on March 6. Entrepreneurs from around the country, Lavin Entrepreneurship Center  and Zahn Center staff, and family and friends were in attendance.

To kick things off, entrepreneurs gave a 45-second pitch of their idea to the room. Based on the pitches, the audience then had the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea, which received $1,000 in funding. CourseKey, an education software business, received the award.

There was also an award given to GoRyder — a valet parking service on college campuses, for the best video by a current Zahn Center team. Additionally, the Center for International Business Education and Research presented the International Award that recognized a team which demonstrated an international awareness.

ProPopulate, a business that works with probiotics to make them work more effectively in the human body, received $1,500 in funding and $1,000 in consultation.

Yan Wei Lim, one of the founders of ProPopulate, said presenting the idea was nerve-wracking.

“It’s a great start,” she said of the numerous awards ProPopulate received. “We were pretty well-prepared thanks to our mentorship with Cathy.”

For each of the three main categories, first, second and third-place teams received $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000, respectively.

For the commercial track, EasyLap — a portable laptop attachment to keep a laptop off of users’ legs — took third place. Boron Labs, which creates building blocks for drug synthesis, received second place and first place went to ProPopulate.

For the social track, the third place award went to Enroot, a company that provides nonprofit and socially focused workers an online education to advance their missions, and second place went to Hillary’s Haven, a recreational facility for children with autism. First place went to GRAPES planner, a tool that helps those with mental illness and their loved ones with behavioral therapy tools and other resources.

For the Zahn Team track, third place was a tie between Stickir and Mannis, an automated construction planning tool and a flexible sports kneepad company, respectively. Second place went to GoRyder. First place went to SoftChomp, a soft, pain-free infant and toddler toothbrush.

“The support from the Zahn Center, I couldn’t have done it without them,” said Whitney Mullen, founder of SoftChomp.

The Zahn Challenge was part of Entrepreneurship Week at SDSU, which also featured educator conferences and the LeanModel Startup competition, among other events.

This article originally appeared in The Daily Aztec