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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Bob Long with one of his many Aztec guitars.

Guitar Man

An SDSU fan creates Aztec-inspired instruments.
By Tobin Vaughn

Bob Long comes from an artistic family; creativity is in his blood. So it’s only natural the 77-year-old retired educator likes to spend time in his workshop creating things.

"I'm pretty mechanical,” he said. “I just go out to my shop where I feel like my grandfather and I are out there making something, you know?"

Long likes to make instruments. Specifically, he likes to make guitars.

"There's a ton of mechanics in a guitar,” he explains. “To get everything lined up and everything coordinated and working is a big deal.”

Especially because he makes many of his guitars from unconventional materials. He also makes most of them with a San Diego State University-related theme.

"I have made five guitars that depict the complete history of the main logos for San Diego State,” he says. The guitars represent the university’s logos from 1924 through the present day.

"I wish I could play them better,” he lamented, “but I get a lot of satisfaction out of my friends playing them.”