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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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The George A. Koester Memorial Sundial. Photo: Alan Decker. The George A. Koester Memorial Sundial. Photo: Alan Decker.

SDSU In the News

A look at some of the top media clips from throughout the week.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University and the work of its students, faculty and staff are regularly featured in news stories by media around the country. Each week SDSU’s Marketing and Communications team curates some of its favorite local, regional and national media clips to share with the SDSU community.

In a galaxy far, far away ...

The Kepler Mission continues, as SDSU astronomers Jerome Orosz and William Welsh discovered the 10th known "transitioning circumbinary" planet, which orbits two stars and has two suns. Like the fictional planet “Tatooine” from Star Wars, this planet has two suns in its sky. In 2012, Welsh and Orosz discovered the first instance of a two-planet circumbinary system.

Striving for greatness

The success of SDSU's new crowdfunding platform — SDSU Strive — is evident, as many of the initial programs have reached their fundraising goal. The San Diego Union-Tribune caught up with Dan Majors, the brains behind the operation, to discuss the future of Strive

Live long and prosper

Douglas Bigham, an SDSU linguistics professor, is making headlines for his unconventional teaching styles and unique twist on getting students engaged in linguistics. He even speaks Klingon! San Diego Magazine spoke with Bigham to learn more about his interesting repertoire of course offerings.

Better care for seniors

A recent grant was awarded to SDSU to improve care for older Americans. As the San Diego Union-Tribune explains, the $2.5 million grant will establish the San Diego/Imperial Geriatric Education Center and develop the next generation of geriatric health workers in San Diego County.

The new normal

Celebrities as role models — who would've thought? Think Progress highlighted new research from SDSU psychology professor Jean Twenge which found that celebrities are helping normalize mental health issues. By using their platforms to address the prevalence of the issue of mental health, they are helping to raise awareness ad reduce the stigma.