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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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The infamous Red Chair. The infamous Red Chair.

Sitting Down with the People of SDSU

Take a seat in the Red Chair with some of SDSU's best and brightest.
By Hallie Jacobs, videos by Jeneene Chatowsky

You might have seen a red chair being wheeled across campus with a camera crew in tow throughout the past semester. What's that all about?

The 60 Seconds in the Red Chair video series was created to tell the stories of the people who make San Diego State University great. 

Many brilliant minds have taken a seat in the Red Chair to share their research endeavors, campus involvement and even their favorite hobbies.

Amy Schmitz Weiss

Amy Schmitz Weiss is an associate professor of Journalism and Media Studies. Her research focuses on spatial journalism, which examines how geographic space and information can be combined to better understand communication within communities.

Christian Onwuka 

Christian Onwuka is a freshman at SDSU, but despite being on campus for only one semester, he's already immersed himself in campus activities.

Seth Mallios

Seth Mallios is a professor of anthropology, who studies the archaeology of legend. He's also an expert on the history of San Diego State University — especially SDSU's rock 'n' roll history

Ana Morino

Ana Morino, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering, is reaching for the stars — literally! She's interned for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and is involved with a number of campus organizations.  

Trent Biggs

Trent Biggs is a geography professor specializing in watersheds, water quality and water quantity. He's also a baritone in the San Diego Master Chorale. 

Holly Norman

Holly Norman, a sophomore microbiology major, is a student in the Weber Honors College, a sorority woman, member of the Global Aztec Alliance, Scholars Without Borders and the American Medical Student Association.

Adam Hammond

Adam Hammond, a professor of English and comparative literature, is at the forefront of digital humanities. His mantra? "Be obsessed."

Andrea Byrd

Andrea Byrd is a senior advertising major and the vice president of university affairs for Associated Students. She loves the diversity of SDSU and the opportunities for students to get involved.

Tom Huxford

Tom Huxford, a professor of biochemistry at SDSU, leads the Structural Biochemistry Laboratory and loves making discoveries in the lab with his students. 

Stuart Hurlbert (The Turtle Whisperer)

Stuart Hurlbert is a Professor Emeritus in biology who specializes in lake ecology. He is also known as the SDSU Turtle Whisperer. You can find him at the Koi Pond by Scripps Cottage feeding carnitas to the turtles. 

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo is a senior communications major. He's the executive vice president of Associated Students, a fraternity brother and is involved in the Educational Opportunity Program. He also coined the phrase, "Don't make it a great day, make it an Aztec Day."