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Monday, September 25, 2023

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This course teaches students the elements that come together to produce opera. This course teaches students the elements that come together to produce opera.

Off the Beaten Course: Music 151

This course exposes students to all things opera.
By SDSU News Team

Off the Beaten Course is a series that delves into SDSU's course catalog to share unique and non-traditional classes. 

Course title: Sex, Lies, and Leading Ladies
Instructor’s name: Julie Maykowski, Director of Opera

1) What inspired you to create this course?

The course was designed before I arrived on campus but I am thrilled to be teaching it and have shaped the content to suit my desires for something like this. I believe the inspiration was initiated by a member of the San Diego Opera board and Dean Joyce Gattas saying there should be a class that features what San Diego Opera is producing.

2) What can students expect to learn from this course?

All things opera. My goal is to show students that opera is a really interesting, fun and sexy art form. The staff at San Diego Opera has been awesome in helping design the course so we will have presentations on wigs and make-up, costumes, lighting, sets and props. Students will also have the opportunity to go see the operas in action.

3) What makes this course different from similar courses?

I don’t think there is anything else like this. We will see all three San Diego Opera productions, attend salon events with artists and designers, take a tour of the warehouse and have in-class presentations from their professional staff. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn first hand about all of the elements that have to come together to produce opera.

4) Is there one day on the syllabus for this course you most look forward to? If yes, why?

I look forward to every day!

5) What’s your favorite thing about teaching this course?

I am a huge opera nerd and love to share my nerdiness with others. Hopefully we will create some new fans with this course.

6) Any other thoughts?

Take this class!