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Friday, December 14, 2018

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SDSU In the News

A look at some of the top media clips from the last week.
By Beth Downing Chee

San Diego State University and the work of its students, faculty and staff are regularly featured in news stories by media around the country. SDSU’s Marketing and Communications team has curated some of its favorite local, regional and national media clips from the last week to share with the SDSU community.

Everybody loves monkeys, so when SDSU professor Erin Riley released a paper about a colony of feral rhesus macaques that is unexpectedly thriving along a river in central Florida, it’s not surprise that her research made national headlines. Discovery News ran a story along with a photo gallery and the story was picked up by other media outlets including UPI, Nature World News; and The Daily Mail.

SDSU researchers discovered The Charlie Sheen Effect — that Charlie Sheen’s HIV disclosure corresponded with record levels of public engagement with HIV and HIV prevention — and the news made national headlines including The Today Show, CNN, ABC News, The Los Angeles Times and others. 

When Northern California public radio station KQED did a piece highlighting the benefits of makerspaces on college campuses, the BuildIt Lab in SDSU’s own Love Library was featured.

SDSU anthropology professor Elisa Sobo wrote an article for Sapiens about how parents’ decisions about vaccinations are driven by their need for social belonging.

Speech, language and hearing sciences professor Sonja Pruitt-Lord was quoted in a Huffington Post Parents blog about how important parents are in children’s language development skills.