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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Having fun at the SDSU Children's Center. Having fun at the SDSU Children's Center.

Where Am I Wednesday: A Second Home for Your Child

The SDSU Children’s Center serves to provide quality child care in a unique environment that stimulates physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth
By Sabrina Shahawi

Where am I Wednesday visits spots around campus to share the history and significance of why each location makes SDSU great.    

Located on the San Diego State University campus, the SDSU Children’s Center serves to provide quality child care for children as young as 6 months old to 6 years old.  This unique environment serving both the San Diego and SDSU communities fosters child development through planned activities that stimulate physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.

“How do you describe 'home?' And how do you describe the kind of trust you give someone in order to leave your precious babies with her/him? That kind of trust and the qualities that make a home are what I’ve found in the Children’s Center. I have loved every minute of my time — and my children’s time — here,” said Lanie Lockwood, the advising coordinator for the School of Journalism and Media Studies and the mother of children who previously attended the SDSU’s Children Center.

The SDSU Children’s Center has many perks, including easy access and drop off, diapers included in tuition, three meals per day and safety classes for pre-kindergarteners. With the philosophy of “quality education learning through play”, the center also focuses on teaching the children motor development, language, math, science, and reading and writing skills.

The center also provides a rich training experience for Child Development Majors and Liber Studies Students with a Child Development Specialization through internships and laboratory experiences. In a collaborative effort with the Associated Students at SDSU, the Department of Child and Family Development provides "hands-on" training to its students. These students gain direct exposure to children in a main streamed setting, helping them develop communication techniques, strategies, and basic skills for working with young children.