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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Benches located behind Hepner Hall. Benches located behind Hepner Hall.

Where am I Wednesday: Art Bench Project

These student-created works of art can be found all over campus.
By SDSU News Team

Today's feature is not about one specific location, but spotlights the artistic seats scattered across San Diego State University.

In 2013, Arts Alive SDSU — a university-wide arts visibility initiative that was launched to build a culture of arts on campus —  set out to increase student, faculty and staff awareness of arts events and opportunities at SDSU. One of the first aspects of the arts visibility initiative was the Art Bench project.

Student-designed and painted art benches can be found all over campus.

“We enjoy seeing an element of campus that isn’t a part of the university’s brand,” said Patricia Cue, one SDSU graphic design professor who implemented the first development of art benches. “The designs represent the people of SDSU.”

More than 20 benches have been painted, with plans to continue the project each year. 

Next time you make your way through campus, keep an eye out for these unique works of art. 

For a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the art benches came to be, visit the SDSU Art Benches blog.

SDSU Art Benches