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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Red Chair Recap

A video series shares unique stories of SDSU's campus community.
By SDSU News Team

Summer break hasn't stopped the Red Chair from making its way around campus.

It rolls and, continuously telling the stories of the people who make San Diego State University great.

Many brilliant minds have taken a seat in the Red Chair to share their research endeavors, campus involvement and even their favorite hobbies. Here are the most recent episodes of 60 Seconds in the Red Chair:

Risa Levitt Kohn

This professor of religious studies became fascinated with the ancient world during a study abroad trip to Jerusalem in her college days. 

Joseph Waters

This music professor enjoys creating a common experience for audience members to connect to. He composed his first work of art at the age of six. 

Eve Christman

The secret to this recent aerospace engineering graduate's success? Lots of coffee, puppy snuggles and making sure to include some fun into her busy schedule.

Christy Nierva Quiogue

As the director of the Center for Intercultural Relations, this SDSU alumnae and staff member believes she has the best job in the world.