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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Pictured above: A screenshot of the campus map Pictured above: A screenshot of the campus map

New Interactive Map Rolled Out

San Diego State University rolls out an interactive map to ease campus navigation.
By SDSU News Team

Updated Sept. 12, 2023

Getting around campus has never been easier thanks to the latest updates to a digital, interactive map of San Diego State University. The customizable navigation tool for the SDSU community and visitors gets some 500,000 hits a year, with nearly 100,000 during the first five days of the fall 2023 semester.

MORE: Check out the SDSU Interactive Map 

Improvements introduced over the past several years include a Wayfinding function to find the best route between any two spots on campus, and an estimate of how long it takes to traverse. Got back-to-back classes in Lamden Hall and Storm Hall? It’s a nine-minute walk.

(Coming soon: Step-by-step written instructions to help navigate from Point A to Point B.)

SDSU Mission Valley has joined SDSU Imperial Valley with its own separate map.

First rolled out in 2016, the bird’s-eye view has an updated look, making building names easier to read. The Wayfinding feature is among many functions that have become more mobile-friendly. Also added are the locations of gender-inclusive restrooms and locations with free menstrual products.

Through a sidebar, users can switch on different menu items including parking, locations of Bird scooters, shuttle stops and ride-hailing services and housing. Icons for campus dining facilities provide links to the restaurants’ hours and information.

The ADA Accessibility feature highlights all roadways and campus pathways that are accessible by wheelchair. It also lists ADA restrooms and building access points.

Grace Francisco, lead graphic designer for SDSU Facilities Graphics and the architect of several improvements since 2020, said the map remains a constant work-in-progress, with continual improvement. Questions or feedback may be directed to

(This article has been revised and updated to include new features of the SDSU interactive map.)