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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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The goal of the Pride House Commuter Program is to help LGBTQ commuter students transition into college. The goal of the Pride House Commuter Program is to help LGBTQ commuter students transition into college.

New Program Supports LGBTQ Commuter Students

The SDSU Pride Center has implemented a new program to offer resources to LGBTQ commuter students.
By Katie Stanchis

This semester, the San Diego State University Pride Center has implemented a new program, the Pride House Commuter Program, to provide guidance, advice and support to commuter students who align themselves with SDSU’s LGBTQ community. Seven current freshmen have chosen to be a part of this pilot program.

The overall goal of the Pride House Commuter Program is to help commuter students that are a part of the LGBT community transition into college. The idea is first to help these students assimilate academically, and then connect them with valuable organizations or events on campus.

Every week, the students meet in a university seminar where they are connected with resources to improve their academic success, as well as aid them in personal and identity development. The students are also paired with mentors who provide the students with various kinds of support.

“Working with my mentees has been inspiring,” said Nubia Milpas, a political science student and one of the program’s mentors. “They have a lot of motivation to continue their studies, and they seem to have a really positive outlook on the future. Comparing how they were from the second week of school to now, I can tell they’re definitely more confident.”

The mentors of this program help students with a wide array of concerns. Sometimes the students seek advice related to their classes. Other times, the guidance students pursue may be a bit more personal, such as help coming out or building social support networks.

Every month, the mentors host an event for the mentees. Whether educational or social, these events give the students a chance to get to know one another.

Some of these events are hosted during National Coming Out Week. From Oct. 8-18, multiple student organizations and departments at SDSU are putting together events on campus that give students support and information about coming out, including socials, panels, and a karaoke night.

“We are hoping that this program continues to grow in the future years and are grateful to be able to provide this program to our students,” said Christopher Lujan, the Pride Center coordinator. “Freshman students come into their college experience with various levels of support needs and we hope that this program is able to tailor their experience to their need level. The center also recognizes that the freshman level is only a fraction of our students that need support, so it aims to support all students towards academic success. All students are welcome to stop and seek assistance."

For more information on the Pride House Commuter Program, visit the Pride Center webpage, and for more information on National Coming Out week, visit the Pride Center’s Facebook page.