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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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The Film Society meets at 1 p.m. on Thursdays in Room 63 in the Media Center of the Love Library. The Film Society meets at 1 p.m. on Thursdays in Room 63 in the Media Center of the Love Library.

Student Organization Spotlight: Film Society

The SDSU Film Society guides students interested in filmmaking.
By Ryan Schuler

The San Diego State University Film Society is a student organization that provides individuals with resources for filmmaking, opportunities to get involved in SDSU film productions, and a place to make lasting connections with other film enthusiasts.

Through the organization, members discuss the filmmaking process, assist in making student films and organize film festivals.

Film Society president Marissa Roxas said the organization helped her become comfortable after she changed her pre-major to television, film, and new media. Now, Roxas is giving back and helping those who are starting as student filmmakers because she knows how much that guidance meant to her. She said Film Society has also allowed her to make some great friendships.

Is the Film Society open to all majors or is it major specific?

The Film Society at SDSU is open to any and all students who are interested in film. Our organization has TFM pre-majors and majors, theatre majors, business majors, art majors, accounting majors, and so many others.

When it comes to finding new members for your organization, what type of students are you looking for?

We look for any student who wants to analyze and discuss films. The club is geared towards both educating people on the fundamentals of film while also assisting pre-majors apply for petition into the major.

When are your meetings and is there a membership fee?

The Film Society meets at 1 p.m. on Thursdays in Room 63 in the Media Center of the Love Library. It’s in the bottom floor of the dome. There is currently no membership fee besides a good attitude.

How can students find more information about your organization?

Students can find more information on the SDSU Film Society website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are incredibly active on those accounts, and we have multiple members managing those accounts to ensure transparency and approachability.  

What kind of activities does your organization plan?

We hold socials, workshops, picnics, bowling nights, and other events in addition to our meetings each week. Each semester, we hold a film festival that showcases any film that any member wants others to see. We welcome all kinds of films and anyone who want to show their work on the big screen. Currently, we are gearing up to host an Oscars viewing party at 5 p.m. on Sunday in the Student Union Theatre. Everyone is welcome! More information is available on our social media accounts.

What impact have SDSU faculty made on your organization?

Club advisor Peter Cirino is actively involved in the club, and many other professors in the TFM department encourage students to join this club to enhance connections and create familiarity with the filmmaking process.