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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Austin Kennedy is majoring in interdisciplinary studies in the departments of marketing, finance and sociology. Austin Kennedy is majoring in interdisciplinary studies in the departments of marketing, finance and sociology.

Austin Kennedy’s Aztec Experience

This Aztec is involved in the Weber Honors College and the Lavin Entrepreneur Program.
By SDSU News Team

Name: Austin Kennedy
Major (and minor): Interdisciplinary Studies (marketing, finance and sociology) with Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies
Campus affiliations: Theta Chi Fraternity, Aztec Student Union Board, Lavin Entrepreneur Program, Weber Honors College, Pi Sigma Epsilon Marketing Fraternity, Real Estate Society, Greenfest, Green Love, Enviro-Business Society, KCR College Radio, University Affairs Board

1. Why did you choose to attend San Diego State University?

I have lived in San Diego my entire life and was originally looking to go to school in Washington, New York or Illinois. Once I felt the incredibly positive atmosphere and saw SDSU’s beautiful campus, I started to change my mind. After being invited to join the Weber Honors College and realizing it was the most financially feasible option for me, I knew SDSU was the best place for me to enhance my skills and haven't looked back since.

2. What inspired you to declare your major?

Originally, I was a marketing major with a minor in sociology because I wanted to improve my understanding of how various beliefs and products impacted individuals and the world as a whole. This past summer after being influenced by several books and movies, I realized I wanted to know how certain aspects of the financial world worked, especially in regard to investments such as real estate, stocks and entrepreneurship. With the help of the interdisciplinary studies advisor, I changed my major to interdisciplinary studies in the departments of marketing, finance, and sociology to help me be a knowledgeable and positive force in the business world.

3. What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Figure out what you value and prioritize. By knowing your priorities, you can keep yourself accountable and have actual growth. Without goals and ways to track yourself, you will just find yourself lost in a downward spiral that many people find themselves in, instead of being on the journey of expansion and joy.

4. Which SDSU faculty or staff member has been the most influential throughout your SDSU journey?

Roy Whitaker has been my favorite professor by bringing correlations that were in my periphery to the main light, especially in regards to music and religion, two major influences in my life. In addition to this, I am excited to see what this following semester brings as Dr. Whitaker, myself and others put together a Transnational Hip-Hop Week to delve into the culture for the purposes of enlightening students and inspiring them for greatness.

5. What does student success mean to you?

For me, student success varies depending on the individual and the goals they create for themselves. Graduating and creating meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally, are obvious components for student success. Beyond that, I challenge students to define how they want to improve themselves and the world around them to create success by their terms.

6. What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most?

There isn't one particular experience that changed my life, but rather the combination of various things I have involved myself in have helped shape and mold me into the person I am today and helped me create a vision of how I want to grow and where I want to be. One of my first great choices at SDSU was joining Theta Chi Fraternity because it helped make this campus seem smaller and less intimidating, and instilled in me the confidence to pursue my goals and gave me a solid support system as I move forward. More recently, I joined the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program and even though I am just getting started, it has been an amazing experience as has connected me with a network of driven individuals and taught me skills to successfully put together a business.

7. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would love to work with a company focused on increasing humans’ use of alternative energy sources. I hope to be doing real estate on the side, have an app or two created and sold, but most importantly I hope to be in the early stages of putting a music festival together with a focus on enlightenment, sustainability, and community right here in San Diego.

8. What’s your favorite thing about being an Aztec?

My favorite thing about being an Aztec is the connections I have made with classmates as we push to be future leaders in the world at this crucial time. I love the general atmosphere of self-empowerment here, but am hoping I can help bring about a better sense of community not only between SDSU students but for all of San Diego.