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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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More than 200 students have started their entrepreneurial journey at SDSU’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad. More than 200 students have started their entrepreneurial journey at SDSU’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad.

On the Right Track

SDSU students develop their business ideas in the Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad.
By Gina Jacobs

Ever have a lightbulb moment? You know, the moment where you come up with an idea for a great product or company but you’re not sure what to do with it or how to get started. More than a dozen San Diego State University students will have the opportunity to explore their out-of-the-box ideas as part of the Zahn Innovation Platform (ZIP) Launchpad’s Experience Track (E-track) program this spring.

“The E-track program provides students with structure, training and resources but their success is based upon their passion, commitment and tenacity to succeed,” said Cathy Pucher, executive director of the ZIP Launchpad.

E-track consists of an intensive 10-week series of workshops based on lean start-up methodology. During the program, students participate in hands-on workshops to better understand their customers, validate key assumptions about the problem and solution all while laying the foundation for a scalable business. They also meet with coaches and participate in an intensive pitch session.

More than 200 students have started their entrepreneurial journey at SDSU’s ZIP Launchpad. This year’s E-track concepts are wide ranging, from products to support sustainability and food insecurity to technology-based services and jewelry.

Below are the students participating in the ZIP Launchpad's E-track program this spring:

The Secure Way
Matt Crosby (junior, entrepreneurship)

The Secure Way is a web platform designed to teach average internet users how to safely use the web and avoid the common pitfalls of fraud and hacking.

Shirzad Zarei (junior, mechanical engineering)

ScudoTech is a device that applies a non-toxic, nanotechnology based solution to waterproof and stain proof clothing.

Mua! Industries
Petra Winnwalker (graduate student, art/applied design)

Mua! Industries is a jewelry design company and customization platform to create unique “commitment wear” like engagement and wedding rings.

Loren Pearlman (freshman, industrial organizational psychology)

Founded by a veteran of the Coast Guard who specialized in maritime law enforcement, Crowdcast aims to provide automatization of regulatory services in bars and restaurants.

But Butts
Talena Handley (junior, business)

Looking to tackle the most common piece of manmade litter, cigarettes, But Butts is a customizable personal ashtray that is designed to be fun and easy to carry.

Caselle Reinke (senior, applied design)

Glide is a device to treat and help prevent wrist pain caused by the use of computers.

Zakiyyah Shaheed Muhammad (senior, foods and nutrition)
Hanifo Mohammed (junior, foods and nutrition)

Nutriment is a facilitative meal plan and food delivery service designed to meet individual nutritional needs.

LG Fresh Track
Louis Glover (senior, marketing)
Jeff Petrimelli (senior, film)

LG Fresh Track is a kitchen device that tracks the lifespan of food in the refrigerator to help reduce food waste, increase freshness and provide feedback on buying routines.

Kristen Krugman (senior, environmental science/psychology)
Reyanne Mustafa
(senior, foods and nutrition)
SoulFull is a nutritious meal replacement protein powder produced using edible and viable leftover produce from restaurants. For every product sold, SoulFULL will provide a product to combat food insecurity.

Julie Pinto (senior, graphic design)

InstaLight is a studio-quality lightbox for amateur photographers to help take high quality photos with their smart phones and automatic cameras. InstaLight plans to target small businesses on platforms like Amazon, giving them an affordable tool to help make their products stand out online.

Try It All Box
Adleigh Brisebois (senior, business administration)

With more than 2,000 online subscriptions available, Try It All Box is a one-stop shopping platform that helps customers find the right “box” based on their personality and interests.