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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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SDSU parking lots fill quickly during the first weeks of the semester. SDSU parking lots fill quickly during the first weeks of the semester.

Fall Parking and Traffic Tips

SDSU Parking Services provides a few tips that should make your commute to and from campus easier.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University welcomes the campus community for the fall 2017 semester on Monday, Aug. 28.

According to SDSU Parking Services, the peak traffic hours are 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. during the first weeks of classes.

Parking structures on the west side of campus, including P7 and P12, are expected to fill up quickly in the mornings. Those who arrive after 9:30 a.m. are advised to park on the east side of campus at P3 and P4. Those structures typically do not become congested until later in the day.

When leaving campus during peak hours in the afternoon, try to avoid College Avenue. Instead take westbound Montezuma Road, turn right on Fairmount Avenue and follow to Interstate-8.

Commuters should also be advised that construction continues at the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex, as well as at Tenochca Hall. The construction near the intersection of Montezuma Road and East Campus Drive impacts parking lot 4A and nearby walkways.

The SDSU Parking Services staff will place electronic signs at the entrances to campus. These signs will notify drivers which structures are full. Please follow the instructions of parking staff who will direct traffic during the first days of school with the intention of expediting vehicles toward the nearest available parking areas.

Starting this fall, students, faculty, staff and campus visitors will be able to use a new smartphone application called PayByPhone to pay for their parking fees. The app allows you to extend your parking session from anywhere and will even remind you when your parking session is about to expire. PayByPhone can only be used for parking fees in metered lots P6B, P8 and P10 and purchases cannot be transferred to other parking areas.

Move-In Day

Students moving into on-campus residence halls should be aware of several important traffic tips before heading to SDSU on Aug. 25.

On the east side of campus, City of San Diego special event traffic controllers will be directing traffic on the intersection of College Avenue and Zura Way.
On the west side of campus, City of San Diego special event traffic controllers will be directing traffic on Campanile Drive between Montezuma Road and Hardy Avenue, on Hardy Avenue in front of Piedra del Sol apartments, at the intersection of 55th Street and Remington Road, and 55th Street between P9 and P11. Westbound Lindo Paseo will be closed at College Avenue to allow residents of South Campus Plaza to move into their dorms. Faculty and staff who usually park in P6 are asked to find alternative parking on move-in day.

Please follow all instructions by special event traffic controllers. On Remington Road, those moving in are allowed and may be directed to park along the red curb to unload their belongings. Please note, an individual must stay with the belongings at all times and once the car is unloaded, the driver will have to move to a campus parking structure or lot.

Please refer to the Arrival Instructions on the SDSU Housing page for any further questions related to parking on move-in day.

Tips for parking and traffic

Arrive Early: When driving to campus, try to arrive as early as possible, especially during the first two weeks of classes.

Take the Trolley: Park for free at any of the trolley stops throughout San Diego and ride directly to campus. Trolley schedules, fares, maps and other information are available online.

Take the bus: Another transportation option is to ride the bus. Bus schedules, fares, maps and other information are available on the Metropolitan Transit System website.

Ride a bike: Students who live close to campus can get to class by bike. There are bike racks in front of most SDSU classrooms.

Use Zipcar: SDSU has partnered with the car-share service Zipcar. For more information, visit the Parking Services website.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging:
SDSU provides EV Charging stalls in several locations across campus. Blink membership is required and can be obtained via Blink Network. Please note that a valid SDSU parking permit is still required when utilizing EV spaces.

Carpool: SDSU community members can take advantage of several ride sharing options. Vanpool Operation is a voluntary program that provides SDSU faculty and staff the opportunity to share a ride with other SDSU employees living near them. More information on the service can be found on the Parking Services website. Zimride is SDSU’s social network for ride sharing available to all SDSU faculty, staff and students with a campus email address. The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) also offers iCommute, a commuter assistance program that provides carpools and ride-matching services.

Plan ahead: Plan your day at SDSU ahead of time in order to make the fewest trips to and from campus. If driving, figure out which lot and traffic route will be the most practical and convenient. If using public transportation, examine alternative schedules for the best departure time.

Areas to avoid: During peak hours, commuters should try to avoid College Avenue and the west side of campus.

Follow the SDSU Police Twitter account for live updates on available parking areas.

Using alternative traffic routes

During peak hours consider using the following alternative routes to campus:

From eastbound Interstate-8, take the Fairmount Avenue exit. Take Fairmount Avenue south to merge onto Montezuma Road. Turn left on 55th Street to access the west side parking lots.

From westbound Interstate 8, take the 70th Street exit south to El Cajon Boulevard. Turn right onto El Cajon Boulevard and right onto Montezuma Road. Park in the structures and lots on the east side of campus.

From State Route 94, exit at College Avenue. Take College Avenue north to Montezuma road and turn left or right depending on your destination.

Parking permits

Parking permits are required to park on campus at all times. They can be purchased from the Aztec Parking Portal. Student permits are available online or at Parking Services. A student semester parking pass is $168 for day use only and $266 for day/overnight. Motorcycle permits are $36.

Students may only park in areas marked with the letters “S” or “N.” Faculty and staff may only park in areas that are marked “FS”, “S” or “N.” Special permit areas require a “SP” permit in addition to a paid permit. Visitors may only park in areas marked “P” or “S” and must purchase a pay machine permit from the location they park in.

Parking pay stations are located at the Parking Information Booth, as well as in P3, P6B, P7, P8, P10 and P12. These stations offer hourly and daily permits. Daily permits cost $2 per hour for the first four hours and $10 for five or more hours. Overnight parking is available for $15 and weekend permits cost $25.