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Saturday, December 15, 2018

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SDSU American Marketing Association SDSU American Marketing Association

Student Organization Spotlight: American Marketing Association

The SDSU American Marketing Association guides students interested in the field of marketing.
By SDSU News Team

The San Diego State University American Marketing Association (AMA) is a student organization committed to helping students interested in the field of marketing.

Through the organization, students are able to network with industry professionals, take part in community service activities and learn about new job and internship opportunities.

Madelaine Morelli, president of AMA, said she joined the organization because she wanted to learn more about marketing outside of the classroom and build relationships with other students in the field.

“The friendships and networking connections I’ve made have been positive parts of my experience at SDSU, both inside and outside of the classroom,” Morelli said.

Is the American Marketing Association open to all majors or is it major specific?

The organization is open to all majors.

When it comes to finding new members for your organization, what type of students are you looking for?

We look for students who want to learn about marketing and how to market themselves in this day and age.

When are your meetings and is there a membership fee?

We meet from 5-6:30 p.m. every Tuesday in Physics 146. There is an $80 membership fee for a semester or $100 for the year. This includes membership to the national American Marketing Association.

What kind of activities does your organization plan and attend?

At our weekly meetings, we host speakers from the industry and workshops to help members gain hands-on experience, participate in field trips to marketing firms, and organize social outings such as bonfires. Our biggest event is our Professional Networking Night, during which companies come to campus to speak about job opportunities.  

Which SDSU faculty member has had an impact on your organization?

Our biggest influence is Andrew Baker, who is our advisor. The advice and guidance he offers has opened up a whole new view of how marketing works.

How can students find more information about your organization?

Students can learn more about our organization by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@SDSUAMA).