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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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An SDSU student speaks during a presentation. (Photo: Jeffrey Brown) An SDSU student speaks during a presentation. (Photo: Jeffrey Brown)

SDSU Helps Develop USA Trade Guide

The free guide assists domestic companies in expanding their business into global markets.
By Katie White

For American companies looking to take their business to the next level, San Diego State University’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) in the Fowler College of Business is a source of help.

SDSU CIBER partnered with the State International Development Organizations (SIDO), ThinkGlobal Inc. and more than a dozen CIBER programs across the nation to create the new USA Trade Guide.

USA Trade Guide
USA Trade Guide
The colorful, magazine-style guide is a resource for U.S. exporters, offering the business tools they need to succeed in global markets. The free guide is available in print and online.

The purpose of the guide is to provide U.S. companies and foreign investors with expert advice and answers to frequently asked questions about exporting, foreign direct investment and global business. It includes key contacts, websites and other important resources for exporters and investors to connect with service providers nationwide.

Hands-on experience

SDSU undergraduate students assisted in compiling the guide by developing an extensive list of international trade resources in countries around the world.

“The CIBER program at SDSU is the only one in the state of California, and the work students complete through the program provides crucial hands-on experience that will help them succeed in their careers,” said Mark J. Ballam, SDSU CIBER managing director. “The USA Trade Guide is one example of how we accomplish the university’s goal of providing a first-class educational experience while helping to improve U.S. business competitiveness at the same time.”

National exposure

Print copies of the guide are being distributed nationwide by state and local economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, world trade centers, ports, and private sector service providers.

“State international trade offices are on the front line, steering companies through the export process, and working to attract investment in to our respective states,” says David Mathe, president of SIDO. “The guide is a valuable resource for both exporters and companies interested in site selection and investment anywhere in the United States.”