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Friday, April 23, 2021

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Aerial view of SDSU's campus. (Photo: Sandy Huffaker Jr.) Aerial view of SDSU's campus. (Photo: Sandy Huffaker Jr.)

Mortar Board Honors Faculty and Staff

The society’s annual dinner recognized 31 members of the SDSU community.
By Coleen L. Geraghty

The Jane K. Smith Cap and Gown Chapter of Mortar Board, the national honor society for college seniors, hosted its 28th annual faculty and staff appreciation dinner Nov. 2 to recognize those who have made significant contributions to the academic achievement of the San Diego State University Mortar Board members.

Charmagne Jones, Mortar Board president, outlined the chapter’s work in 2016-17, including the awarding of scholarships and the organization of a donor recognition event. The event was held in honor of those who gave to the Mortar Board Alumni Endowment and the Jane K. Smith Active Chapter Endowment as part of the group’s Centennial Campaign. The campaign raised $45,000.

This year, the SDSU chapter received the Chapter of Excellence Award as well as the Golden Torch Award, Mortar Board’s highest recognition of a chapter’s excellence.
Tracy Markham, Fallbrook High School honors chemistry teacher, received the Henry L. Janssen Award. She was nominated by Mortar Board member Alejandro Contreras. The award was established in 2006 to honor K-12 teachers and counselors who work to instill in their students the values of Mortar Board—scholarship, leadership, and service.

SDSU faculty and staff honored this year include:
  • Jessica Barlow, Speech language and Hearing Sciences
  • Mikael Bergdahl, Biology
  • Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Michael Buono, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
  • Daniel Cannon, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
  • Janie Chang, Accountancy
  • Thelma Chavez, College of Sciences
  • Jung Choi, Sociology
  • Peter Cirino, Theatre, Television, and Film
  • Terry Cronan, Psychology
  • David DeBoskey, Accountancy
  • Steven DiPaolo, Associated Students 
  • Paul Gilbert, Psychology 
  • Jonathan Graubart, Political Science
  • Allen Greb, International Security and Conflict Resolution 
  • Stuart Henry, Public Affairs 
  • Gwendolyn Hill, Health Professions
  • Silvia Kading, Italian 
  • Sarah Kahn, Education
  • Seth Kaplowitz, Finance
  • Jodi Katzman, Nursing 
  • Nensi Lakrori, Engineering 
  • Clark Lundberg, Economics 
  • Cheryl O'Brien, Political Science 
  • Christine Probett, Management Information Systems 
  • Sonja Pruitt-Lord, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 
  • Nathian Rodriguez, Journalism and Media Studies 
  • Melody Schiaffino, Public Health
  • Bryan Spencer, Educational Opportunities Program 
  • Peter Torre, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 
  • Nicole Vargas, Journalism and Media Studies