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Monday, January 21, 2019

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Renderings of the SDSU Mission Valley site Renderings of the SDSU Mission Valley site

SDSU Introduces Redesigned Mission Valley Website

The website shares details about the site plan as well as renderings.
By SDSU News Team

View the full SDSU Mission Valley site plan and architectural concepts at

In November 2017, SDSU unveiled “SDSU Mission Valley,” a detailed vision and plan for the expansion of the university on 166 acres of land including and immediately surrounding SDCCU Stadium. All told, the estimated cost of the project is about $3.8 billion. It will not rely on taxpayer dollars, student tuition or fees, but will cover its own costs through public-private partnerships or bonds paid back by revenue generated through the development.

SDSU envisions the Mission Valley site as a vibrant, mixed-use, medium-density development that is transit-oriented, and expands the university’s educational, research, entrepreneurial, and technology transfer programs.

Features of the development will include a river park and additional open-space areas; a multi-use sports stadium for football, professional soccer and entertainment events; student, faculty and staff housing as well as affordable and market-rate housing for the community; commercial office buildings; retail stores to serve the campus and neighborhood; and a conference center hotel to accommodate campus visitors and train students in SDSU’s L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Detailed plans for the Mission Valley site are intentionally flexible as the university actively seeks community input to ensure its plan is consistent with the objectives of the Mission Valley Community Plan and considerate of the city's goals.

Voters in the City of San Diego will have the opportunity to decide in November whether to direct the city to sell the land to SDSU or to a private developer.

View the redesigned SDSU Mission Valley website to learn more about the site plan and view renderings.