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Sunday, May 29, 2022

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The Malin Burnham Awards The Malin Burnham Awards

SDSU Receives Most-Admired Education Provider Award

The university was selected from a group of six San Diego County educational institutions.
By Cory Marshall

San Diego State University was named The Malin Burnham Awards recipient for the most-admired education provider in San Diego County, a credit to the institution’s community-orientation and service.  

Selected from a group of six area educational institutions, the award is granted to a college, university or school district for “helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed.”

SDSU is nationally recognized for its commitment to diversity and for increasing graduation rates for all students, while narrowing achievement gaps among student populations.

The Malin Burnham Awards, a special event of the nonprofit Reality Changers organization, was created to honor those who have had the greatest philanthropic impact in the region. Most meaningful, each of the six categories for the award is decided by community voting.

In receipt of this award, SDSU would like to thank the San Diego community for this designation.

In all, the nonprofit organization recognizes five other categories: most-admired foundation, most-admired news source, most-admired business, most admired public leader and most-admired organization.