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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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San Diego State University’s Michele Goetz has been honored by the San Diego Business Journal as a 2018 Business Woman of the Year. San Diego State University’s Michele Goetz has been honored by the San Diego Business Journal as a 2018 Business Woman of the Year.

Michele Goetz Named a 2018 Business Woman of the Year

The 2018 Business Woman of the Year award recognizes those who make significant contributions to their companies, organizations and communities.
By La Monica Everett-Haynes

Lauded for her ability to connect the worlds of business and academia and for her supportive leadership style, San Diego State University’s Michele Goetz has been honored as a 2018 Business Woman of the Year.

The San Diego Business Journal named Goetz, associate vice president and executive director of SDSU Research Foundation, as one of 25 awardees in a group that represents industry, education, health, science, finance and the non-profit community. 

“I’m honored to be selected as part of such an impressive group of accomplished women,” Goetz said. “This award represents the accomplishments of my staff, the support of my peers, the love of my family, and the faith of university leaders in my ability to lead the SDSU Research Foundation.” 

Each year, the SDBJ recognizes “dynamic women business leaders who have contributed significantly to San Diego’s workplaces and communities.” More than 200 nominations were submitted this year before the team identified the 25 recipients. 

“Known on campus and in research administration circles for her business acumen, forthright diplomacy, financial expertise and unwavering integrity, Michele is also a mentor who instills a sense of community, purpose and positivity in her team,” said Tom McCarron, SDSU’s vice president for Business and Financial Affairs. 

“Michele is also an adept leader who sets the example for being a competent, committed, collaborative colleague,” McCarron said, adding that Goetz has also led the administration of a $60 million project in the country of Georgia, strengthened the organization’s financial model and implemented service enhancements for SDSU researchers.

A double Aztec alumna, Goetz has served in her current role at SDSU since 2016. 

Goetz began her research administration career as a grants administration assistant at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. In 1986, she joined the SDSU Research Foundation as a grant and contract administrator and was promoted to manager of grants and contracts administration in 1995. She assumed the role of director of the post-award division in 1999 and led that department for 10 years, she then led the entire sponsored research division until 2016.

Radmila Prislin, SDSU’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Resource Management, calls Goetz a trusted partner to the SDSU research community and SDSU administrative leaders in setting the course for further advancement of the research enterprise.

An active industry advocate, she also represents the California State University on the Council on Governmental Relations. Goetz has served for many years as a member of the CSU-wide Auxiliary Organizations Association, including serving as chair of the research administration committee, several terms on the executive committee, and as president of the organization in 2008.

“I’m grateful for the opportunities SDSU has afforded me—as an undergrad, graduate student and employee – and look forward to continuing to support SDSU researchers and SDSU initiatives on campus and in the community,” Goetz said.