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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Sustainability tours are available to learn about all the projects happening on campus. Sustainability tours are available to learn about all the projects happening on campus.

The Red and Black is Keeping it Green

SDSU continues commitment to protecting the environment and keeping America's finest city clean in 2019.
By Lainie Fraser

With San Diego State University President Adela de la Torre driving major institutional initiatives in support of student, faculty and staff development, and with ambitious plans for future growth, SDSU opens 2019 with increased momentum toward an expanded community impact. 

"Directions: SDSU in 2019" is a series highlighting top stories related to university research, student success and innovative programs and provides a forward-looking lens into the work of students, faculty and staff. 

San Diego State University is committed to protecting the environment and leaving the smallest footprint possible in America’s finest city. The university’s sustainability initiatives have garnered national recognition and help SDSU reduce its environmental impact on the campus and the surrounding community. 
"We have a lot happening on campus all year round," said Tom Abram, assistant director of sustainability at SDSU. "We are continuing some projects and always developing new ones to help campus reduce its footprint." 

Charging Stations

For years, San Diego State has allocated charging spots for electric vehicles on campus. According to Abram, the idea was there, but the price to charge a car prevented the stations from being utilized fully. SDSU has now installed new and cheaper chargers. This way, faculty, staff and students can drive their electric vehicles to campus and charge them without breaking the bank. 

Partnering with Car Dealerships

Not only will charging an electric vehicle on campus be cheaper, so will payments on the car. San Diego State has partnered with a number of nearby car dealerships to provide discounts to faculty, staff and students interested in owning or leasing an electric vehicle.

Energy Information System

In an effort to continue effectively addressing energy waste, SDSU has created an energy information system. The system draws data from meters on and around campus and combines it with utility bills and other sources of energy-use information in a single database. The data is analyzed in an effort to identify new, energy-saving opportunities across the campus. SDSU is also working to bring this information to the public and allow them to see where they too can help reduce waste.

Public Dashboards

Public dashboards are currently located in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student UnionZura Hall and Storm-Nasatir Hall. These display detailed information on energy, water and recycling data for the public to see. Abram hopes to install an additional dashboard near the EIS building on campus by the end of the semester. This is meant to help engage the entire SDSU community and bolster the effort to create a culture of sustainability.

Sustainability Tours

To further engage with the community and educate everyone about the work SDSU is doing, the university offers both guided and self-guided tours around campus. These provide an inside look at all the different programs, initiatives and instruments that are in place and how SDSU is working to keep America’s finest city clean.