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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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SDSU is providing students with a number of resources and opportunities for career development this spring. SDSU is providing students with a number of resources and opportunities for career development this spring.

For SDSU Students: A Future-Focused February

SDSU has coordinated resources from across campus to help assist students with career development this spring semester.
By Lainie Fraser

As the spring semester gets underway, some students are just weeks away from graduation and others are one semester closer to walking across the stage. February is a great time to engage in leadership and service opportunities and for students to work to identify their career goals, options and paths.

San Diego State University is committed to ensuring students are fully prepared and equipped to find and get the jobs they want after graduation.  

“Spring semester is a great time to remind students that ongoing career development leads to tangible outcomes for graduates,” said James Tarbox, executive director of Career Services. “When students see the outcomes that are available to them as graduation nears, this can be a motivator to learn to transition out of the university into meaningful careers."
With a coordinated network of resources from counseling and psychological services to the various colleges and the alumni association, SDSU’s goal is to meet students’ needs in all positions in their academic careers. This effort includes help with finding a career connected to a student’s major, polishing the resume, finding interview-appropriate clothes, preparing for an interview and even negotiating a salary. 

This February, a number of events are happening on campus to support students beginning or continuing the job search. They include:
Career development events continue in March and April. 
  • Student Research Symposium: Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2.
  • Fowler College of Business Career Fair: Thursday, March 7.
  • Diversity Career Conference: Saturday, March 9.
  • Just In Time Career & Internship Fair: Thursday, April 18.
SDSU continues to be nationally recognized for the quality of the education students receive and the successful careers of its alumni.

“Universities do have a responsibility to prepare their students for careers,” said Tarbox. “We see this need expressed in the decision-making that students and parents go through to select a university. We see it in the broader cultural debate about the nature and outcomes of pursuing higher education. We also see it when we think about what public institutions of higher education are doing to contribute to the development of citizens.”

More information about all the career development events happening this semester can be found here.