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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Eva Struble (Credit: CSU) Eva Struble (Credit: CSU)

CSU Highlights Painting Professor Eva Struble

SDSU painting and printmaking professor Eva Struble discusses creating her work and teaching a new generation of artists.
By California State University News Team

San Diego State University’s School of Art and Design not only builds strong technical and craft-based skills in areas such as graphic design, woodworking, metals and painting, but also nurtures interdisciplinary ventures with the media and the community. Currently, students are working on art projects in a local prison; building furniture for a San Diego museum; collaborating with biology students to create designs with bacteria; and constructing giant murals in collaboration with the history department. 

In addition, students are guided by faculty who are working artists themselves, the results of which flow into the classroom.

“When faculty are able to continue to pursue professional development, I see students getting involved in those professional projects and making future career connections," said professor Eva Struble, who has been painting for 24 years. “I love to see our students go out and become leaders in their field through these experiences."

Click below for an inside look at her studio.

A Maker's Tools
SDSU professor Eva Struble takes us inside her studio to see how she creates her own work and teaches a new generation of artists.