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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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It's Day 1 of a new academic year. It's Day 1 of a new academic year.

High Achievers, Wide-Ranging Faculty Mark New Year

The course catalog includes new offerings on stagecraft, cultural development and world history.
By SDSU News Team

A record high-achieving freshman class is among 11,725 new students joining the San Diego State University family this week as the university kicks off its fall 2019 semester.

While final data will not be available until the university’s official census is released in September, a combined, preliminary total of 5,336 first-time freshmen indicated an intention to enroll at SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley. In addition, 4,022  transfer students had enrolled in classes in the latest count, with the remainder represented mainly by graduate and post-baccalaureate students.

The freshman cohort is high-achieving and diverse. The average high-school GPA is 3.77, an SDSU record, while the average SAT score is 1208. Underrepresented students of color represent 34.5% of first-time freshmen, including 29.1%  who identify as Hispanic or Latino.

SDSU received a record 103,585 applications for admission from all groups, including transfer, graduate, international and Imperial Valley campus students.

The preliminary figure for total SDSU enrollment, including continuing students, is placed at 34,000.

New faculty

SDSU welcomes more than 50 new tenured and tenure-track faculty across the seven colleges, SDSU Library & Information Access and SDSU Imperial Valley. Their wide range of specialties include the effects of early childhood lead exposure, text mining of online consumer messages, adult neurogenic communication disorders, and marijuana legalization across the United States.

New courses

The fall 2019 course catalog includes more than four dozen new classes across campus, exploring intricacies of the STEM disciplines, techniques in the arts and compelling issues of the world we live in.

In a sweeping viewpoint of humanity, World History Through Science and Technology (History 102) covers the period from humans as hunter-gatherers to the rise of agriculture to modern globalization. Get a global perspective on gendered injustices and resistance in Women and Global Justice (Women’s Studies 103).

Learn about the intersection of Sports and Race (Chicana and Chicano Studies 275) as it impacts cultural, personal and social development. An Afrocentric Response to Generational Trauma (Africana Studies 102) includes experiences under Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Advanced Stage Technologies (Theatre 544) delves into the design and fabrication of modern-day stage machinery and special effects. The digital age also still has room for Photojournalism (Journalism and Media Studies 435), which covers the creation, curating and editing of photographs for use in news stories. Applied Dance Techniques (Dance 243) offers application of classical, contemporary, cultural and popular dance forms.