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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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my.SDSU Prioritizes Student Experience

The new project integrating SDSU’s enterprise systems will better support students, faculty and staff.
By SDSU News Team

As San Diego State University strives to upgrade systems that impact student success, the university is launching the my.SDSU initiative to expand the integration of its enterprise systems and enhance the student experience.

My.SDSU will serve students through the implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, with streamlined admissions and financial aid processes and improved connectivity and accessibility of campus systems. A timeline calls for building, testing and validating over the next year before the first elements go live in late 2020.

The project will integrate currently dispersed systems in an effort to better support students during their time at SDSU. 

"Digital is the foundation for the student experience in today's world," said Christian Onwuka, Associated Students president. "Not only will the my.SDSU initiative enhance the online experience for students, but it will also allow students to focus on their academics by simplifying many of the required tasks of their college career."

The my.SDSU project is also meant to improve productivity and agility in the use of mobile and digital technologies, as the university identifies new and different ways of utilizing data to serve and meet the needs of students, faculty and staff.

“Having an integrated digital experience not only presents students with a better online experience that they have come to expect but behind the scenes, it presents the university with the opportunity to automate many of our business processes,” said Jerry Sheehan, SDSU chief information officer.

At the core of this initiative is the implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, a powerful student management information system designed to enhance the way students interact with the university. PeopleSoft, provided by the company Oracle, is one of the leading enterprise software systems for businesses and higher education and is widely utilized by corporations and universities across the country including all California State University campuses. 

“Student experience is more than just what they can accomplish on their devices, but also how they are supported by faculty and staff, as well as how the university utilizes data to inform our strategies and investments to provide the best programs and services to support student success as they progress from admission to graduation,“ said Tony Chung, associate vice president for Student Affairs and project manager. 

President Adela de la Torre announced the initiative in May 2019, while reaffirming the university's commitment to strengthening its information technology resources, cybersecurity, and data integrity.

The first technical town hall meeting was held on Thursday, Aug. 15 and covered a number of important topics, including technical programs planned for deployment; project governance structure; systems impact over the course of the project; and current status of activities.

The university will offer opportunities for faculty, staff and students to contribute their expertise and feedback on the project in a variety of ways, including future town hall meetings, which will be announced on an ongoing basis.

This is a complex multi-year project slated for full adoption no earlier than the summer 2021.

For more information and updates about the my.SDSU project, please visit