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Saturday, September 30, 2023

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From left to right: Elisa East; SDSU students Shaun Drobeck, Steve Malolepszy and Richard Guilfoyle; Brittany Field From left to right: Elisa East; SDSU students Shaun Drobeck, Steve Malolepszy and Richard Guilfoyle; Brittany Field

Boeing Supports Troops to Engineers Program with $100,000 Gift

The continuing assistance supports impact-driven philanthropy at SDSU.
By SDSU News Team

The Boeing Company has renewed its support for an innovative jobs-placement initiative at San Diego State University, announcing a $100,000 contribution for the Troops to Engineers program. This gift represents the fourth consecutive year of support for the program, which provides assistance for military veterans studying engineering at SDSU. 

“Boeing has a long-standing commitment to supporting men and women in uniform and military families by employing more than 20,000 veterans who are continuing their mission with Boeing.” said Ward Wilson, director of the aerospace company’s San Diego office.

Established at SDSU in 2011, Troops to Engineers was introduced to address both a high unemployment rate for veterans and a nationwide shortage of experienced engineers. It was originally funded by an Office of Naval Research grant and has since been funded by philanthropic support of which Boeing has been a leading champion.    

According to College of Engineering Dean Eugene Olevsky, one in 15 engineers in the U.S. is educated through the CSU system. “We thank Boeing for their generous support which truly makes an impact for students in the college, the San Diego industry, nationally and around the world,” Olevsky said.

Members of the program’s staff work with students to help them secure paid internships that often lead to first jobs, and assist them in preparing for job placement before graduating.  

Troops to Engineers has a 100% employment placement rate for its students in a field where their skills are in short supply. “Our events and workshops equip student veterans with the necessary tools to successfully enter the workforce,” said Elisa East, Troops to Engineers coordinator and an Army veteran. “Employers know when they hire a veteran, they are getting someone who will be committed to getting the job done.” 

Earlier this year, Troops to Engineer participant Tyler Perez was named SDSU’s CSU Trustees Scholar. His story underscores the importance of a program like Troops to Engineers.