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Thursday, December 7, 2023

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In recognition of Mrs. Dianne L. Bashor's generosity, SDSU will name the field at the new Aztec Stadium Bashor Field. In recognition of Mrs. Dianne L. Bashor's generosity, SDSU will name the field at the new Aztec Stadium Bashor Field.

Mrs. Dianne L. Bashor Makes $15 Million Commitment to SDSU Mission Valley’s Aztec Stadium

Mrs. Dianne L. Bashor’s generosity provides a lead gift for SDSU’s Aztec Stadium at the proposed Mission Valley project.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego philanthropist Mrs. Dianne L. Bashor has donated $15 million to San Diego State University toward construction of the new stadium that will be part of SDSU Mission Valley, it was announced Thursday.  

The commitment provides a lead gift for the stadium, the first project scheduled for SDSU’s proposed expansion into Mission Valley. In recognition of her generosity, SDSU will name the field at the new Aztec Stadium Bashor Field. 

SDSU President Adela de la Torre, Adrienne Vargas, SDSU Interim Vice President for University Relations and Development, and SDSU Athletics Director John David Wicker announced the lead gift with Mrs. Bashor and CSU Board of Trustees Chairman Adam Day during a December 5 news conference. Administrators, staff, students, donors and members of the community were in attendance. 

“Mrs. Bashor believes in San Diego State University’s vision and its dedication to academic excellence that places student success at the core of its mission,” said Vargas, also Chief Executive Officer of The Campanile Foundation. “SDSU is fortunate to have a generous friend in Mrs. Dianne Bashor and her gift is a reaffirmation that after more than 122 years, this university continues to earn widespread support.”

A first-time donor to the university, Mrs. Bashor presented a gift that is one of the largest single donations ever made to SDSU.

SDSU Athletics Director John David Wicker called this commitment “a critical step” in the university’s proposed Mission Valley expansion. He reiterated the school’s intention to break ground for the new stadium in April 2020.

“We are grateful to Mrs. Dianne Bashor, a member of our community who believes in SDSU and is willing to invest in a stadium that is being built not just for SDSU, but for the community as a whole,” Wicker said.  “The stadium will provide a true home field advantage for the Aztec football team and will positively impact the rest of our department as well as the overall institution.”

SDSU President Adela de la Torre expressed her gratitude for Mrs. Bashor’s gift, referencing the donor’s long history as a local benefactress. 

"Mrs. Dianne Bashor is known for her generous community support, and her gift reflects the close relationship between the San Diego community and San Diego State University,” President de la Torre said. “This is an extraordinary gift and an important investment in the future of SDSU. We thank Mrs. Bashor for her commitment to our university and for her continuing dedication to the community we serve."

Mrs. Bashor, who attended and spoke at the press conference said, “Today I am excited to announce my support for San Diego State University with a $15 million lead gift for Aztec Stadium. This gift is a commitment to not only a great university, but the San Diego community.”    

Mrs. Dianne Bashor and her late husband, businessman Jim Bashor, are known for their significant gifts to many local institutions including the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Imperial Council, and Boy Scouts of America. In September, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors proclaimed Dianne Bashor Day for her generosity and dedication to the community. Jim Bashor was a graduate of Hoover High School, near SDSU’s main campus. Mrs. Dianne Bashor did not attend SDSU and did not have any previous connection to the campus. 

In addition to the new multi-use stadium for which Mrs. Bashor’s gift is earmarked, the university intends to build a world-class campus and a much-anticipated community river park. On November 18, the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to move forward with the process that will allow SDSU to purchase the Mission Valley stadium site.  

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