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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Photo courtesy: UB/HCOP Program Assistant Rosa Buenrostro Photo courtesy: UB/HCOP Program Assistant Rosa Buenrostro

SDSU Pre-College Institute Aids Local Digital Divide

Staff members within the SDSU Pre-College Institute delivered digital learning devices to students in San Diego to aid the transition to virtual learning.
By SDSU News Team

The San Diego State University Pre-College Institute (PCI) is helping alleviate the digital divide local students are experiencing amid the transition to virtual learning.

PCI staff members have delivered more than 30 digital learning devices, including laptops and hot spots to students across San Diego participating in the Upward Bound/Health Careers Opportunity Program (UB/HCOP).

The program aims to assist with college readiness and promote a “college-going culture” for high school students, as part of the SDSU PCI’s effort to encourage students of all ages to pursue postsecondary education. 

Without these digital resources many students may fall behind in their current course work and not be exposed to higher education opportunities that are within reach. Additionally, this is meant to provide students with access to a number of resources they may not have had without these devices.

“By providing students with this equipment, our goal is for every student to have the opportunity to fully participate in our program classes and activities, and work towards reaching their full potential,” said Tomasa Mauricio, UB/HCOP director of Summer Residential Programs. “Our students deserve the resources needed to focus on learning without worry about access.”

These devices, funded by Upward Bound program grants, allow students to be fully involved in classroom instruction, tutoring and mentoring throughout the summer as well as advising and monthly information sessions during the school year.

PCI staff members traveled to seven different communities within the greater San Diego area, including Castle Park, College East, Skyline, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Oak Park, and Imperial Palms to distribute the devices to students. 

Student participating in these programs who receive these devices will continue to have access to them through the summer, the upcoming school year and into the following summer. Under an order by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a large number of California public school districts will begin the 2020-21 year with virtual instruction only.

The SDSU PCI is dedicated to serving students at all stages of the educational pipeline, from kindergarten through graduate education and technical postsecondary programs, through excellence and innovation in education.