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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Through SDSU Flex, the university will offer a flexible blend of face-to-face instruction and online course offerings, and an immersive student-focused experience. Through SDSU Flex, the university will offer a flexible blend of face-to-face instruction and online course offerings, and an immersive student-focused experience.

Different Campus Feel, Same Priorities

In a suite of changes to support individual and community health, SDSU is requiring facial coverings, restricting campus access and reducing the number of people physically on campus.
By SDSU News Team

In June 2020, San Diego State University announced the development of SDSU Flex for the Fall 2020 semester, a university-wide repopulation and business continuity plan approved by public health officials and the California State University (CSU) system. 

After reviewing the California Department of Public Health and County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency’s updated guidance for college and universities, SDSU reinforces that its fall plans remain in compliance with county, state, federal and CSU guidelines and requirements. 

“As we remain in compliance with existing orders, I am confident that we are thoroughly prepared to embark on this new 2020-21 academic year with the health and safety of our community and student success as our most important priorities,” said SDSU President Adela de la Torre

The state and county’s updated guidance allows the state’s colleges and universities to repopulate their campuses when we meet certain public health criteria. Through SDSU Flex, the university will offer a flexible blend of face-to-face instruction and online course offerings, and an immersive student-focused experience. The plan allows the university to quickly shift in-person instruction and other efforts as public health guidance changes throughout the pandemic. 

In support of individual and community health, and also the ability of students to continue their paths toward degree attainment, SDSU has introduced the following: 

Facial Covering Policy 

For the Fall 2020 semester, anyone on campus must wear a facial covering at all times while on campus. Due to the newly instituted policy, SDSU will be distributing facial coverings to students and employees. In addition to wearing a facial covering, anyone on campus is expected to practice physical distancing by keeping at least six feet of distance between you and others. Further, anyone on campus is expected to practice healthy hygienic habits including frequent hand washing, use of hand  sanitizer, always wearing a facial covering, and not coming to campus if you are not feeling well. 

Campus-wide cleaning and disinfecting guidelines have been enhanced and additional disinfectant supplies and hand sanitizer have been distributed in common areas, classrooms, library locations, labs and offices. 

Building Policy 

For safety, all buildings that do not have approved in-person classes or labs for undergraduate students are locked and only accessible to approved, essential personnel. Classrooms, labs, and conference rooms not in use are locked and not accessible for the semester. Faculty and staff who have questions should contact their deans or associate vice presidents.

Instruction and Research

In accordance with the SDSU Flex plan, the university will offer more than 200 unique, in-person courses,  focusing on those that have critical in-person elements. All other courses will be offered virtually. Critical research will continue online and in person. The majority of research that may be conducted virtually will continue via online modalities. SDSU’s Instructional Technology Services (ITS) and campus partners have created a number of resources and workshops in an effort to provide faculty with ample training for online and hybrid instruction.

Student Life

Student life remains of critical importance to the SDSU experience. SDSU will continue to offer high quality and interactive co-curricular campus programs for students, staff, and faculty, including, but not limited to undergraduate research, entrepreneurship, community building, leadership programming, and service. Student counseling, advising and tutoring will be offered virtually, as well as in-person. In addition, as county and state restrictions permit, the university will also explore phasing in additional in-person and hybrid student experiences throughout the fall semester.

Virtual Support Resources

SDSU is committed to providing the support and resources to faculty, staff and students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Counseling and Psychological Services, COVID-19 testing through Student Health Services, academic support and the Economic Crisis Response Team.

Training and Communications 

To ensure clear awareness of current public health information and expectations for those living and working on campus, SDSU: 
  • Is offering COVID-19 training for all employees, including student employees this month. 
  • Has distributed health and safety protocols for members of the community in residence halls, labs, classroom, dining facilities and elsewhere.
  • Has created and is distributing printed and digital signage throughout campus as a reminder to follow the established public health guidelines, including wearing facial coverings, adhering to physical distancing and maintaining healthy habits. 
  • Will regularly update both the SDSU Flex and public-facing COVID-19 sites. Information about positive COVID-19 cases on campus, confirmed via a test, will be added to the COVID-19 case communications protocol site
  • Is asking that anyone who receives a positive COVID-19 test or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms submit information via the online reporting form