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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Winter Session provides a tool to stay on track to graduation. Winter Session provides a tool to stay on track to graduation.

Registration Window for Winter Session 2020-21 Closing Soon

More than 35 courses, the most ever, are available during the upcoming holiday break to help students meet graduation requirements. Registration closes Dec. 15.
By SDSU News Team

Winter Session has proven popular with both San Diego State University faculty and students, who say they enjoy studying over the holiday break in order to speed up their graduation dates.

The upcoming 2021 Winter Session features more than 35 classes, to be offered over 15 instructional days. Registration ends Dec. 15 with courses beginning Dec. 17, all offered online through SDSU Global Campus.

A full list of Winter Session classes can be found here.

Of the faculty members surveyed from last year’s winter session, 100% would teach Winter Session again.

Among them is Bill Yeager, professor of music and director of jazz studies, who will again be teaching Introduction to Music: American Popular Music (Music 151).

Yeager said his Winter Session students tend to be extremely focused on learning and perform well in class despite the accelerated schedule.

“As it is done in such a short time frame, the students that sign up for Winter Session are highly motivated and actually get higher grades than in a regular semester,” Yeager said.

Yeager said he has only heard positive feedback from his past Winter Session students about the experience.

“All student feedback has been very positive,” Yeager said. “This is a fun class and hopefully we create more music lovers. I always tell the students to keep an open mind to new musical styles.”

Winter Session has proven popular with students who take advantage of the four-week winter break to meet graduation requirements.

Among 2020 Winter Session students surveyed, 85% would take another Winter Session course, 92% felt they had sufficient time to complete assignments and coursework, and 95% felt they received adequate support from instructors. Among faculty, an overwhelming majority reported that course objectives were met to their satisfaction and that students comprehended and retained class material under the accelerated schedule.

Nearly all 2020 Winter Session students (93%) were matriculated SDSU students. Ninety different majors were listed by students from all SDSU colleges, with the Fowler College of Business and Professional Studies and Fine Arts strongly represented. Of all 2020 Winter Session students, 64% were juniors or seniors.

Ensuring student success is a priority of SDSU's new five-year Strategic Plan, "We Rise We Defy: Transcending Borders, Transforming Lives," which seeks to increase capacity to meet the unique needs of all students.

Wide Range of Classes

This year’s Winter Session courses span a wide range of topics, including one that satisfies a new required race-relations element for students in SDSU’s School of Public Affairs, which is home to the university’s criminal justice major.

Students can fulfill the new race-relations requirement by taking Blacks in the American Justice System (AFRAS 0380) in SDSU’s Africana Studies program. The course examines constitutional principles and judicial decisions as they apply to the political and social condition of Black Americans.

Winter Session began in 2019 with 13 classes and 335 enrolled students. In 2020, the Winter Session grew to 21 courses and 562 enrollments, a 68% increase over the previous year’s session.

Winter Session 2021 Details

Winter Session runs from Dec. 17 to Jan. 14, 2021. Spring 2021 classes resume on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.

Global Campus is offering its largest-ever roster of courses for Winter Session 2021, giving SDSU students more opportunities to make use of the holiday break to take a class and speed up their path to graduation.

Winter Session 2021 details

  •  15 instructional days
  •  Enrollment open to current SDSU students, students from other colleges and universities, high school graduates, and working professionals
  •  Fully online courses you can take from anywhere
  •  Earn up to 3 units
  •  Fees are $282 per unit
Visit to learn more.