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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The SDSU Global Digital Marketing Bootcamp trains students in social media marketing, including Facebook advertising. The SDSU Global Digital Marketing Bootcamp trains students in social media marketing, including Facebook advertising.

SDSU Global Campus Offers New Digital Skills Bootcamps

The collaboration with technology company HackerU allows students to learn marketable skills for two booming fields.
By SDSU News Team

Cybersecurity and digital marketing are the focus of new programs aimed at training job-seekers for positions in two booming fields.
San Diego State University Global Campus has partnered with technology company HackerU to launch two Digital Skills Bootcamps to provide opportunities to gain a workforce-ready education in cybersecurity and digital marketing outside the traditional four-year university model.
Amid society’s increasing dependence on technology, the need for professionals in the digital and tech industries has grown.
“We’ve evolved into such a digital, technological world, that these are the markets (digital and IT) that are growing exponentially in ways that we will not see other job markets growing,” said Gabrielle Kamekona, head of career coaching with the Digital Skills Bootcamps.
The new bootcamps use simulations to help teach students the skills needed in the digital workplace, providing qualification levels similar to a year of experience in their fields. Those who complete the program will earn a certification of completion that represents the knowledge and experience they have acquired. 
The Global Campus service model incorporates committed Student Success and Career Services teams that foster professional development to provide mentoring and connect with participants individually to offer needed support for the level of work. The bootcamps include virtual training sessions and meetings with career coaches, résumé experts, and supportive instructors. 
Each program begins with an introductory course lasting about a month, allowing students to try the program and get a taste of the curriculum’s environment, pace and fundamentals before committing to the accelerated, 400-hour program led by industry-leading professionals.

“If you have — or can find — a passion in a field related to digital or IT industries, you have an invaluable opportunity here because this is where the employment world and the world in general is going,” said Kamekona.
Both the cybersecurity and digital marketing industries are seeing a growing need for experienced professionals. As communities, businesses, and governments alike continue to rely heavily on technology and the Internet of Things, the need grows for experts who are versed in the fields and remote-capable.
Certifications and Focuses

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp covers a range of material that will prepare students for industry certifications, such as:
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Linux LPI Essentials
  • Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate
  • CompTIA Network+, Security + and CySA+
  • (ISC)² SSCP
The Digital Marketing Bootcamp focuses on training students and developing experience with online marketing tools, including Google Ads and Facebook advertising, social media marketing, content writing and website development. Additional topics covered include:
  • Organic (SEO) and Paid (SEM) Marketing
  • Data Visualization and Analytics
  • User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • E-Commerce
For additional information, visit or call an admissions advisor at 619-839-3030.