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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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COIL connects students and professors in different countries for collaborative projects. COIL connects students and professors in different countries for collaborative projects.

COIL Virtual International Learning Program Connects SDSU With Indian University

The winter session program was offered by SDSU Global Campus.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University Global Campus recently partnered with the School of Journalism and Media Studies and PSGR Krishnammal College for Women in Coimbatore, India to bring a truly global campus to life. Nearly 9,300 miles apart, students from Alexa Mokalis’ Advertising Strategy and Social Media course (JMS 462) collaborated with students from S. Kavitha’s Digital Marketing class during the SDSU winter session COIL course.

COIL (Collaborate Online International Learning) is a methodology that connects students and professors in different countries for collaborative projects and discussions as part of their coursework. Taking advantage of the rise in virtual learning, this interdisciplinary partnership challenges the idea of a classroom with borders.

Using Slack for communications, students responded to each other’s posts — creating engaging two-way conversations — even though they were thousands of miles apart. They participated in a discussion board about a brand with a social media presence in both countries: Coca-Cola. Students were then invited to evaluate the brand’s digital presence and effective use of social media in both countries with the help of their instructors.

“The COIL with the GRG School of Management in India was a very unique experience that allowed us to gain a global perspective in the world of advertising,” said SDSU advertising student Anna Laniado. “It was very interesting to interact with the GRG students and see the similarities and differences in our thoughts.”

A similar thought was shared by Monisha L S, an MBA student from PSGR Krishnammal College for Women.“Talking with people from another country made me realize the different perspectives,” she said. We helped each other learn more about marketing in different countries.”

The COIL course is just one way SDSU Global Campus and the university as a whole are working toward its mission of offering a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative student education.

“It’s crucial for our students to learn about the perspectives and experiences of others unlike them in order to promote cultural empathy, said Mokalis. “It is part of our mission in the School of Journalism and  Media Studies to foster global, ethical, and critical media professionals.”

The winter session course also presented the professors with the opportunity to grow and expand their curriculum and teaching methodologies.

“It challenged me pedagogically and widened the horizons of how I am able to teach and enhance my course,” said Mokalis. “It left me eager to dive deeper into ways I can further foster this type of meaningful, intercultural, and interdisciplinary collaboration in my curriculum.

SDSU Global Campus is also eager to forge more global partnerships through COIL programs. For information on future COIL programs through Global Campus, contact Luis Vega, Director of International Partnerships, at