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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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SDSU Global Campus advisers will provide on-site student services at SDSU Imperial Valley. SDSU Global Campus advisers will provide on-site student services at SDSU Imperial Valley.

SDSU Imperial Valley and Global Campus Partner for New Degree Programs

The two degree programs debut in fall 2021.
By SDSU News Team

San Diego State University Imperial Valley and SDSU Global Campus are partnering to develop two new degree completion programs available beginning in fall 2021.
Imperial Valley residents interested in completing a bachelor’s degree in business administration or child development will be able to do so through a unique, flexible program. The program is primarily delivered online and taught by SDSU faculty. SDSU Global Campus advisers will also provide on-site student services at SDSU Imperial Valley.   
“We are excited about this partnership and the way it allows us to provide more college degree opportunities for the Valley,” said SDSU Imperial Valley Associate Dean for Academics Mark Wheeler. “We know there is a lot of interest in both degree programs. Now busy working professionals will have access to degree completion programs thanks to the flexibility of the program.”  
The deadline to apply for admission to both degree completion programs is May 15. 

“These programs will extend access to a wide range of learners in the Imperial Valley region, in service of SDSU’s core mission, and we look forward to expanding these offerings in the future,” said SDSU Global Campus Dean Radhika Seshan.

Students enrolled in the bachelor of science in business administration program will take online courses through the Fowler College of Business. The program will cover core business concepts, including accounting, ethics, finance, information systems, leadership, management, marketing, operations and supply chain management, entrepreneurship and strategy. The program blends essential topics with the important trends and issues facing today's business world. 
The child development program provides students with the skills needed to shape the future of the community. Course topics include team-teaching, community networking and engagement, curriculum building, among other topics. The program includes 120 hours of community outreach experience in the Imperial Valley region that will allow students to work directly with child and family services providers.  

Information about these degree completion programs, applications for admission, and financial aid are available at