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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Tyler Shiver Tyler Shiver

#SDSUGrad: Tyler Shiver

Following graduation, Tyler Shiver will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force.
By SDSU News Team

Over the past year, the San Diego State University community has shown its true resilience. Graduates from the Class of 2021 are no exception. During this unprecedented time in human history, the university has prioritized providing students with important services like virtual academic supportemergency financial assistance and other support services. In particular, SDSU Career Services continues to offer resources for students, including the online career platform Handshake and expanded virtual programming and advising.

In this series, we highlight graduates as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives, including those who have secured jobs and internships or are moving into advanced studies. 

Name: Tyler Shiver
Major: Social Work with an Air Force ROTC Leadership Studies minor
Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.

Where will you be working after graduation, and what will your responsibilities be? Can you describe a little bit about yourself and what led you to pursue the Air Force as an area of study?

Post graduation, I will be commissioning as a second lieutenant into the United States Air Force. I will be a combat systems officer where I will eventually serve as the mission commander for electronic warfare, weapons systems, and navigation in a specific aircraft following my training at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. I decided to pursue this career because I wanted to do something exciting and travel the world. I have also always had the desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, help others along the way, and serve our country. I am a social work major with a minor in Air Force Leadership Studies. After finishing my time in the Air Force, I plan to pursue a career in social work by serving military members and their families with counseling. 

When did you begin this process and what did it entail? 

At the end of fall 2019, I decided to apply to the rated board for the Air Force to be either a pilot, combat systems officer, remotely piloted aircraft officer, or an air battle manager. Most people dream of applying to the rated board but applying was something that I never anticipated myself doing and scared me. I decided at the last minute to apply for the rated board, and I took all of the qualifying exams right up until the deadline. From there, headquarters of Air Force ROTC takes all of the scores from all of the cadets applying across the United States and selects who gets what position, if any. 

When did you receive your results and what was your reaction?

I received the results from the rated board and my official assignment as a combat systems officer on March 10, 2020. I was extremely excited and shocked, but I was also a little bit nervous because of the lengthy commitment and little information I knew about the position. I also found out this month that I will begin my training at Naval Air Station Pensacola on July 15, 2021.

What advice do you have for fellow students, regardless of their field, looking to follow a similar path post graduation?

My biggest advice is to take every opportunity that comes your way to grow, to get your name out there, and to make connections. You never know the things that you are capable of until you start taking risks and putting yourself out on a limb. 

What is it that you are most looking forward to as you kick start this next chapter? How did SDSU prepare you for success not only at the university but after graduation?

I am honestly most excited about starting my career in the Air Force because I have been working towards this for the past four years. I am also excited about moving to a new place and meeting new people! SDSU prepared me for success because SDSU taught me how to be a professional, hardworking person and gave me the education I needed to succeed. 

What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most?

Being in ROTC at SDSU has changed my life the most! I have met some of my best friends, and I have grown immensely to be a better leader and human being in general. I am forever thankful to Detachment 075 at SDSU for having a part in shaping me into who I am today.