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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Jade Walker Jade Walker

#SDSUGrad: Jade Walker

Jade Walker will work as a case manager at Telecare Corporation following graduation.
By SDSU News Team

Over the past year, the San Diego State University community has shown its true resilience. Graduates from the Class of 2021 are no exception. During this unprecedented time in human history, the university has prioritized providing students with important services like virtual academic supportemergency financial assistance and other support services. In particular, SDSU Career Services continues to offer resources for students, including the online career platform Handshake and expanded virtual programming and advising.

In this series, we highlight graduates as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives, including those who have secured jobs and internships or are moving into advanced studies. 

Name: Jade Walker  
Major: Social work 
Hometown: Chula Vista, Calif.
Can you describe the position and company you will be working for post graduation? Can you describe a little bit about yourself and what led you to pursue social work as an area of study? 

I have been hired by Telecare Corporation with the La Luz ACT program. I am currently interning there. This is a step-down program for people with a serious mental illness and could have a co-occurring mental illness. I will be a case manager and my role will be to help connect the La Luz members to resources within the San Diego community and assist them through their recovery and gain and maintain independence. 

I am from San Diego and have lived here my whole life. Growing up I noticed that many of my friends did not have the same privileges as me, even though we went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhoods. I always wondered what the missing piece was. This is why I want decided to pursue a degree in social work with the intent of working towards a career as a school social worker. 

When did you begin your job search and what did that process entail?  

I started my job search around March. I looked through different platforms such as Handshake, LinkedIn and Indeed. I looked through open positions, some experiences from past employees who worked at the various agencies I was searching through. I searched for various social work-related entry-level positions. I kept my options open and searched for positions in different fields such as schools, hospitals and clinics. I eventually received a job offer from the agency I am interning at currently. 

When did you receive your official job offer and what was your reaction? 

I received the job offer around the beginning of April. I was super excited and shocked, even though I have been interning at Telecare for a while and feel I still have so much to learn. It is a weird experience transitioning from being a student for so long to a full-time position. 

What advice do you have for fellow students, regardless of their field, looking to jumpstart their career post graduation? 

I think the most important thing is to keep an open mind and just try. I originally wanted to pursue a career in school social work, but I began interning for Telecare which works with people who have a serious mental illness — this is the opposite of the spectrum for me. I kept an open mind and thought of my internship as a learning experience. Because I kept a positive attitude and was open to whatever came my way, I found a new interest in mental health and have found new opportunities and new ways to start my career. 

What is it that you are most looking forward to as you kick start this next chapter? How did SDSU prepare you for success not only at the university but after graduation? 

As I start my next chapter, I am mostly looking forward to still learning and growing. I feel like I spent most of my college career focused on one goal — working as a school social worker — and during my senior year my whole perspective on what my career path will be. 

SDSU Career Services helped me prepare the most for the university as well as after graduation. I worked as a career peer at Career Services for two years but I learned so much just from being a student seeking guidance. As a student, I learned so much about what being a professional and “career ready” means and different skills and qualities employers are looking for. The career counselors helped me with my resume, interviewing skills and cover letter writing. 

What experience at SDSU has changed your life the most? 

Working as a career peer at SDSU’s Career Services had a huge impact on me and my college experience. The staff there are so supportive and so willing to help all students learn and grow and succeed in their careers. I think working at Career Services really set the standard for my expectations on a workplace and supervisor. My supervisors were so supportive and really pushed me to grow outside my comfort zone.