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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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New Master’s Degree Offers International View of Business Development

The Fowler College of Business program will take students to Prague for a firsthand look at multinational operations.
By Suzanne Finch

Designed for students seeking careers in the international sphere, San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business has launched a master’s degree in global business.

The Master of Science in Global Business Development (MSGBD) program has admitted 13 students from five continents into its inaugural cohort, which will begin this fall and focus on global sales and business development.

Martina Musteen, SDSU management professor and co-director of the program, said it will offer a “combination of courses and learning experiences specifically designed to instill skills and knowledge for global business development and sales” unlike those of conventional graduate international business programs.

SDSU marketing professor and department chair Heather Honea serves as the program’s co-director and describes it as the “master’s in business for the 21st century.” 

Honea explained, “participants will have the chance to upskill in domains as diverse as analytics, sustainability, and multicultural literacy while they prepare for a global career.” 

Students in the year-long program will engage in 30-course units of graduate-level coursework to complete their degree, which culminates with an international consulting class.

“The capstone consists of a summer-long assignment that begins with a visit to a multinational company in another country,” said Musteen. “The students learn about its operations, products and strategy on location. They also work with the executives to scope the project.”

As their final project, students enrolled in the 2021-22 class will travel to Prague next year to work with Budvar, a Czech brewing company with a presence in over 80 countries.

Prior to the beginning of this fall semester, the students will have the opportunity to meet some of Budvar’s executives with whom they will be working during a Program Launch Weekend that will take place August 20-21.  

The students currently enrolled in the program bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to the inaugural cohort, as they hail from 10 different nations (including Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, India, Dubai and the U.S.) and bring professional experience from fields such as engineering, biotech and trade. They can expect to complete their MSGBD program during summer 2022.

For more information about the MSGBD program, visit the website or email